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Select Room URL (defaults to login name) Select room Name
Entry Page 100% Configurable
Define entrance action (EX: Jumps into the room..)
Define Exit Action (EX: Leaves in a puff of smoke..)
Choose Gag Action (Mumbles Thru Ball gag)
Define Max Users
Define Exit Location (Your .site.com)
Allow Genral Member Login*
Require Login to Enter (Private room)
All Configurable with HTML & CSS
  • Entrance HTML
  • Room upper Frame
  • Center Frame
  • Lower Frame
Define Room Content Filters
Ban by IP
Manage Members
Create Moderators
Multiple Access Levels (Normal,Moderator,Admin)
Reserve Screen Names
Create Room Actions
Copy Actions from Another Room (Must have Permission)

*GENERAL MEMBER LOGINS refer to letting Members of Chatropolis.com enter your room if it is at capacity. Disabling this option will also remove your room from any listing on chatropolis.com and will effect your traffic adversely.

Room names may not use any HTML in the room name or description. Only legal subjects are acceptable. No incest,rape,age play,forced sex, implied underage usernames are permitted. This will lead to immediate termination and reporting to the legal authorities in your country of residence.

All room owners must have a current and reachable email adress on their room entrance. Failure to comply will result in termination without warning. As a rule Chatropolis only emails room owners about system issues, changes, or possible interruptions of service.

All room names are to be unique. While we understand that there will be the same or similiar room themes and ideas, room names should be unique and some modicum of creativity should be put into a room name. Mimicking, mocking, mirroring, or creating one-off room names of another room is not allowed and will not be tolerated. Rooms will be reset to defaults without prompt or warning if this is found to occur.

Obtained rooms are not meant to settle personal grudges or harass another person. The fact that I have to include this as a rule is telling of how common enough this is that it must be addressed. Room names or entrance pages will be reset or subscriptions will be canceled if a room is used to harass another individual.

If a room owner decides to terminate a room in the Underground, then that room owner is not allowed to post a fowarding address.

We expect all room owners to promote their rooms on link lists and websites, create websites or blogs or generate traffic any way possible other than SPAM.

Room owners caught advertising or spamming upstairs chat rooms will be removed.

No rooms may be purchased and left in the default condition. We expect you to be creative. If a room is left in it's default condition we assume this room was a room purchased for unattended and unmonitored purposes and that is not the purpose of the Undergroound and this behavior is strictly prohibited.

Room owners are NOT allowed to go on the main site to solicit traffic. This will result in instant removal. If you think you will do it to get someone removed this will backfire on you. We are fair and very dedicated. We collect enough information during the signup process to determine who is who. And will punish the responsible parties.

In addition, there is a simple level of HTML in order to run an Underground room. Our Tech support will help with technical issues but will not assist with the creation of individual pages for your room. This will be up to the room owner and trusted individuals to create.

Chatropolis reserves the right to change, modify, and add to these rules at any time without notice. You should check this document often so your room does not become out of compliance and is in jeopardy of being removed.

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