DO NOT bring Drama into O/our home, its not welcome here! If you bring it you WILL be removed, "ONLY WARNING!"

If you say, "I DIDN'T SEE IT" IT WONT WORK!!

This is not a room for bois, sissies, transgenders or gender play

1. This home is for relaxation an enjoyment. Come in relax
2. If you come in with drama you will be asked to leave. If you refuse you will be removed permanently!
3. Home Owner's have final say on what goes on in thier home. Please respect their wishes
4. If Greeted be respectful and return the greeting, rudeness is not welcome and you may not be welcomed back!
5. Open scening can happen so be respectful an dont interupt unless asked to join
6. Please respect any in the room who wear a collar unless you have prior arrangement with the Master/Mistress of the collared one. Any disrespecting will be removed, 2nd time will be permanently!
7. Its common courtesy to ask the person to PM before doing so, THIS WILL BE ENFORCED!
8. You must be 18+ years of age to enter for this is an adult chat site

Room Owner's Beau & Krystal

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