Shameless Cove

Please come in. Grab someone and FUCK. Open scenes are encouraged,Watching the scenes and not bothering them is welcomed.Posting pictures are allowed(Be smart).Do NOT scream when someone PM's you.Don't make a huge deal. Lets show respect to each others thoughts and life choices, We DO NOT CARE who is who, No need to tell us about fake names.We DO NOT care who is WITH who, You have an on-line man or woman? They stroll into THIS room? They probably WILL get laid, talk to them NOT us. We DO NOT care, so save the energy telling us. No incest, family names or rp.NO under age rp AT ALL..If you ask someone to play that and they tell us, you will be blocked.If you choose to be in O/our room also several others at the same time and you ignore us, we will assume we are boring you and we will boot you.This room is intended to come in and be able to relax and to enjoy the adult time. The keyword here everyone is "adult", act as an adult or you will be removed. This includes public or private harassment .IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE AND DON'T ENJOY HEARING OR SEEING SEX SCENES OR HARSH TALK DON'T ENTER.IF YOU ENTER AND ARE DUMB ENOUGH TO COMPLAIN.WE WILL BOOT AND BAN YOU!!It's a sex chat room. Just have some sexy fun! Remember Gentlemen:Fuck her so good.she gets wet the next day just thinking about it. Remember Ladies:Fuck him so good.He throbs hard when he has flashbacks of the experience.

Remember: If size mattered, The Elephant would be King of the jungle ~w~

Any issues contact The Owner Sara@ .

A Shameless Cove

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