^-House of Carnal Sin-^

^-House of Carnal Sin-^

Life is a journey, like a long & winding road. What stops along the way will you remember the most? Will you choose to stay longer at some and less at others? Take this journey, not alone, but with others to see where your tastes may lie.

Come in and Test your limits, Embrace your Darkness. Open your mind and take the journey
Have you ever wanted to push yourself deeper into your depravity? Perhaps test those limits you have? Then you have come to the right place!

All are welcome here, whether you are vampire, transgender, Bisexual or any other sort of creature. This is a place to open your mind and sink into whatever fantasy your imagination can create, so long as it falls within the confines of this site.
This room allows you to delve into the depths of your depravity and darkness. To push yourself beyond any limit you may have previously placed upon yourself. You might find a vampire feeding upon someone or someone practicing the BDSM lifestyle or perhaps another using someone in the nastiest, filiest, brutalizing ways possible. Consent and Respect are key in any form of play here.
Open scenes are welcome and very much encouraged.
I shouldn't have to say this, but please have RESPECT if one is taking place.
Posting images and gifs are allowed here. Just respect a scene if it is taking place and don't flood the room in your postings.

Carinna is Queen of the House

We live in a world filled with rules. We encourage a fun and safe environment for you to come and let yourself relax and free your mind of life's worries without judgement, so please use common sense. If you don't want it done to you then don't do it to another.

All site rules do apply

Now come in, if you dare

And open your mind so that your body can give itself over to absolute pleasure and sin.

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Any other concerns or questions can be emailed to carinnazadrick@yahoo.com
You may also request membership to the room, it can reserve your name and help prevent anyone that might want to imp you.