^-Asylum of Darkness-^

^-Asylum of Darkness-^

You come across a long and winding desolated road. Off in the distance a light flickers, grabbing your attention, as it has so many in the past. Is it the light though that intrigues you? was that a shadowy figure you see in one of the windows of the abandoned asylum that now draws your gaze? was that chill that just ran down your spine caused by the sounds of shrill cries off in the distance or the wind that just suddenly whipped up. You've heard stories of places like this, rumors of things that go bump in the night, missing person reports that connect to such places.

However you travel this night, there seems to be an aura about the building up ahead, pulling you to come closer. But how terrified are you?, how curious are you? which side will win out. Will you venture on ahead and investigate or will you turn tail and run, never thinking of the place ever again?

Carinna owns and rules the Asylum

Welcome to the Asylum of Darkness
Home of various creatures of the night.
We welcome any and all in this room
this is a roleplay room, (freeform).. graphic scenes of death and torture and sexual nature may occur. We encourage open scenes


***first and foremost, have fun. Open your mind and allow your imagination to run freely***

*You must be 18 years of age to enter*

*ABSOLUTELY no Drama. if you have an issue take it up with a room mod*

*be respectful of any and all in this room*

*choose a proper chatname*

{These rules are subject to change, Chatro rules also apply}

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contact info carinnazadrick@yahoo.com

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