Devilís Playground

Ignorance is no excuse.
They say all the deviants are going to hell, well if that is the case this is the place to be.
The Devilís Playground is owned and run, by the devil himself, GA Daddy.

If you are into all things deviant, BDSM, and having a good time, this is where you want to be. All are welcome!
Not only are there and will be scenes, but you are encouraged to participate in a scene as well.
No one should take it upon themselves to just enter a scene without an invitation.

This is a BDSM room, so protocol is in effect here, please obey the rules.

Visiting subs will stop at the door, kneel and ask to enter.

Room Rules,
Pay Attention

Rule 1: A Public BDSM themed roleplay room for D/S play. Double rooming is prohibited. Dual names are prohibited.

Rule 2: Avs are required. Height should no more than 500

Rule 3: Open scenes are encouraged and welcomed. If you do not like what you are seeing you have two choices; squelch or leave.

Rule 4: All are welcome here, whether you are a transperson, crossdresser, Dominant, submissive, Daddy, Mommy, girls and bois.
Gay straight, bisexual, pansexual or asexual all except for rude people and assholes.
No one here will be judged based on what they like or donít like keeping the rules of site and room in mind.

Rule 5: Please ask the person to PM before doing so. It's common courtesy!

Rule 6: Please use a chat name. Do not come in with no name (anonymous, dots, dashes, etc.).
If you do, you will get one (1) warning and if you do not take a proper name, you will be booted.

Rule 7: If you bring in drama, you will be told to leave. If you refuse, you will be removed permanently!

GA Daddy
Sabrina O
lilac moon


Banned/Boot on sight
Any questions or concerns, contact GA Daddy

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