The next event Club D/s will be hosting is a Halloween Masquerade

Club D/s is an exclusive place for people to play and relax with those of like minds.

This room is quite simple. It is a D/s room. Adherence to D/s principles, with reasonable compensation for individual practices, is a requirement. Respect will be given to all individuals regardless of their status in D/s. D/s here is not role play. It is the way we operate. There may be scenes or play going on in public. Please be respectful if this is the case.


1.Chatropolis ToS apply
2. We are not here to babysit, listen to your disagreements, settle your disputes, or provide your entertainment.
3. Unless Y/you know S/someone, please ask to PM. It's simply polite.
4. Violations of the rules will be met with a minimum of one warning before further action is taken.
5. Repeat offenders will have their membership revoked.
Be adults, be treated like adults.

Club D/s

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