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Dark Masque Sanctuary

This is the Home of the following rulers of Empress Jenia BrišKela BloodRayven Judge of the Dark Masque Sanctuary.
A Dark Legion Mansion Coven for Her Fallen Angels/Vampyres and Members of the Masque family.
This a Dark Realm home of it's Royal Bloodline Members and Non Bloodline Masque family who tend to be a Very protective family within it’s mansion walls and outside related homes. Our Coven Home tends to have someone within their bloodline that are connected to, of two bloodlines shared in a "New Awakening Embracing.
The Dark Masque Sanctuary Ruled ways of becoming a Blood "Joined BloodRayven family Member" are of 3 ways
*Embracing:their embraced BloodRayven childe
*Sired: to being turned to hold a family trait of Masque but are NOT an immediate family(son/daughter/sister or brother).
*By Marriage: being married into it.

NONE shall wear that name of "Masque" within their names. Unless given by the Empress to wear that family traits name.
The Dark Masque Sanctuary Coven can very well be family related to many people within the mansion home and even have some members who are not blood related to them. One should not assume that This DMS Home will not stand up and protect it’s own. This Home does in fact provide protections to those within the mansion and its surrounding homes and those related to them.
So it should always be assumed that they may and could attack if threaten and to never betray them. Always be respectful to follow their Rules and guidelines that are set within Dark Masque Sanctuary and their Surrounding Related Homes. All Royal Courtship and Members are treated Equally with Respect.

The Dark Masque Mansion with a Royal Court of Fallen Angels ,Gothic style-Steam punk Patrons under the protection of the Guardsmen Knights of DM who are fiercely honor bound Warriors and hold great respect for their Royal Court Members. This Royal Court consisting of an Empress,Lords,Queens,Princesses,Prince, and Royal Noble Gentlemen and Ladies who like to indulge the most deepest dark desires in all styles,some may enjoy feedings of blood dolls, or dark realm Fantasies and Sparring.
A Dark Realm of all types of Role-Play styles,Gothic/Steam punk,bdsm nocturnal Creatures of the night, all styles of Genders, erotic Dom/Dommes/subs are welcomed in the Dark Masque Sanctuary but We do not capture anyone nor do We do any type of GOR RP. GOR is to be kept out of Our home period.
There will be Role play of Strong Nocturnal activities that may take place with sparing of mortals and of dark creatures of the night: vampire/werewolves feedings(Not forced) or Mature sensual activities(kept within Chatro rules)scenes.

~~~Coming EVENT soon~~~

There will be "Theme Nights" that will take place 2 times a month.

~Dark Masque Rules/Royal Court Page~
Explicit Strong Violent/Sensual Role Play Content that is intended for mature audiences. MUST be Over 21 years old to enter! No Exceptions!. You will be booted on the spot AND banned. It is Your responsibility to abide by these rules or seek another room elsewhere.

DM Royal Court Members below click on the link
(under construction)
Empress Jenia BrišKela BloodRayven Judge DM®
Moderators of DM Members:
Prince/Justicar Drax BloodRayven Masque®,tilted halo{Drax}Royal noble Lady of DM, Prince Lord-Justicar Maroon BloodRayven Masque Legionnaire of DM ®,Priness Maia Masque DM Royal Chancellor/Justicar Council Noble Lady of the Court,Queen-Justicar Angel Kerrina Masque,Countess MsBambi Masque{zephyr)of DM,Princess Elektra Masque of DM, Lord Dragon Draconius, Alexander Lecroix Nobleman,
Contact or concerns for the Empress of DMS:

The Ruler of DMS home is Empress Jenia BrisKela BloodRayven Judge and bloodline Royal Masque family and it's non-bloodline Members. The Empress Jenia BrišKela is Sire-Elder Ruler of this Dark Masque Coven and the Owner to All Dark Masque Mansions.

-=Dark Masque Sanctuary=-

Future Announcements soon
coming soon..
Please see the message board for the correct time zones.
Please be Respectful and wear something of formality av's for Royal Events and swim wear for the PoolParty Reggae Style music/drinks,but most of all have fun with the family and friends.
Now this way please, do Enter and
Respect a must to Acknowledge Our Royal Court Members/Moderators when spoken to.

world of darkness Av's and Semi-NUDE AVs are permitted-just be tasteful in Semi-nude av's please, No full-Nudes or genitals showing. No PM without permission. All Chatro Rules applied.

grab a cookie before entering
NO TROLLERS! Or Gender Bending, Keep out!

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