DarKErotiK, Jenia Briskela Judge
Jenia Briskela Judge, Eben Judge, Angel Kerrina Masque,Maximilian Lupus Lamia, Drax, Maia Masque, Lord Dragon Draconius, Maroon Masque,lyra,MsBambi (zephyr),tilted halo [Drax],Nysa Masque

===+++DROP RULES!+++===
Be Respectful towards others.
No PMs without permission
No Means NO and move on.
Greet the Mods they keep the home running smoothly for your enjoyment.
No Drama tolerated
Semi-Nude Avs OK, No genitals showing,if not sure ask a Mod/Admin of DRoP
No picture postings without permission.
Must be 21 years of age and UP.
All Chatro/DRoP rules applied.

Contact or any concerns to: DarKErotiK@outlook.com

Theme Events coming soon

-=Dark Realm of Pleasures=-

There are 0 DRoP Realm Guests in this room

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