Dark Realm of Pleasures Lounge creates a classy euphoric atmosphere of Entertainment but certainly not rude. This Luxurious Lounge of Sophisticated Purity and Classy mannerisms, will not be tarnished into something vulgar. The lifestyle of this Lounge and its Royalty Members share it with a touch of class blending in lavish, Erotica and Elegance. Be intrigued, relax yourselves and explore around.
Spend time with friends. Meet the Royal family of DeMašque,De Bellisle that "DRoP" in from time to time. They consist of an Empress,Queen,Princess,Lords,Duchess and Noble Ladies and Gentlemen. Enjoy, socialize or dance and hang out while mingling about with a champagne flute while the background music plays of jazzy-blues. So above and most of all, have fun!
VT/RT..take a role of this Mega world of the Elite, just pick a proper name and style luxury what suits your pleasures=a Rock star, Movie star. A Royal of the world. The dreams of the imagination are limitless.
(Classy styles of BDSM,D/s, The underworld creatures of the night-All forms of styles are welcome except vulgar ways. "Read the rules of DRPL")

=~Royal Staff of DRoP~=
Lady Jenić DeMašque-Owner/Empress of DRP/DM/MOD/Admin
Lady Maia Nicole Lea-Admin/Queen-Lordess of DRP/MOD/DM
Lady M De Bellisle-Queen-Lordess Sire of HRS/MOD/DM member
Lord Johan DeMasque-Tribune-Security DRP/DM/MOD
Lord Maroon DeMašque-Legionnaire-DM/DRPL-MOD
Princess Eleanor-DM DJ/Noble Hostess
Lady Diva DeMasque-Erotica of DRP/DM Sexy Hostess
Viktor DeMasque-KnightsMen Guardian/MOD
Alexander Lecroix-NobleMen/DJ-DRP/MOD

Please Greet the Mods, they are here to make sure the lounge runs smooth.Be Respectful at all times.
Rock/Casual Elegant Attire-Semi Nude-NO full nude or genitals showing.

Entertainment Theme-coming soon!
~~~ All invited~~~

Email Your ideas and description's for themes to DarkMasque@outlook.com or the DRoP-Lounge msg board.

DarkRealm of Pleasures-Lounge

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