Welcome to the Domina's Domain, a home where we urge you to relax with chat and scenes of a BDSM nature.

The BDSM lifestyle has many variants of practice, and we're not here to judge each other's practices.
We're here to share and come together in an atmosphere of tolerance. Each individual is free to practice
according to their own preferences with the understanding they are responsible for the results of their choices.

To the lovely submissives who will enter -- we look forward to your company, whether you seek to serve
in a sexual capacity, nonsexual capacity, or simply to chat. Please remember, you have the absolute
right to decline service or even conversation to anyone for any reason. This home is a safe place for you.

To the wonderful Dominants who will enter -- we look forward to your company and encourage you to request
anything you desire. We ask you to gracefully accept a submissive's answer should they decline a request.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact Margot.

Kookies for Karla

Domina's Domain

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