Oceanside Riptide

A beautiful place to relax, enjoy, and get your kink on. Anything goes within reason, the exceptions being beastiality and/or child porn.
Open scening is encouraged...or not. Either is alright as long as you're comfortable.
That's what it's all about here. Respect is key and roleplaying is allowed but no drama.
Please enjoy your visit!

We ask that you follow a couple of rules while visiting.

1. Please pick a name before entering -- symbols, punctuation marks, single letters, anon or any combination of these will be asked to change.
2. Please greet other visitors upon entering. It's really rude not to. Lurking will not be tolerated.
3. Please only chat in our home. If you wish to visit other homes, or other sites that's fine with us, come back when you're free.
4. Please be tolerant of all who visit here. All lifestyles are welcome.
5.No PMs with out permission..

Need a cookie, grab one here - MMmm cookie
Need to contact us? eMail Us
You can also contact us via the message board - Oooh yes, click here

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