Read The Commandments before entering. Ignorance is no excuse.

Castle Elaina

Welcome to Castle Elaina, an exclusive manor founded on Female Supremacy. There are NO Masters here. This place is for Mistresses and the bois, gurls and girls whose sole purpose is to serve Them.
A slave enters the Castle for the use of a Mistress. The focal point is Her pleasure, not yours.
Castle Elaina is a BDSM themed room of a very specific nature. We ask that Aany that step through Oour doors respect the world that has been created here by adhering to the Ten Commandments of Oour home.

The Ten Commandments

1) Dommes and slaves CHOOSE one room to chat.
2) One is Dominant or a slave. choose and stick to it.
3) slaves must construct an entry post that REFLECTS THEIR DEEP DESIRE TO SERVE.
4) Dommes will be addressed by Their chosen Title and Name. An absent Title automatically defaults to Mistress followed by Her name.
5) Pics should be appropriate to the room theme and proper names must be used.
6) Avatars are to be a reasonable size.
7) Slaves are not allowed to speak unless spoken to. Expressive thought is allowed if it is relevant to a scene or event in the room.
8) If there are no Mistresses present, slaves may interact with each other. Girls are superior to bois and so must be respected as such when no Domme is present. Talking and all interaction will cease in the event a Domme enters the Castle.
9) Slaves must seek permission to leave Castle Elaina
10) Unoccupied slaves must open the door for a Domme's imminent departure.

Chatropolis User List

Any questions? e-mail Mistress Elaina


(ms katie, bob, dave, frances, maxmax and heidi)

slave katie: (ms katie to the slaves), i am the property of the Castle's Owner Mistress Elaina, i am also the head girl here. i found the Castle in summer 2014 and thanks to Mistress Elaina, this has become my home, where i feel so comfortable and appreciated in the warm friendly atmosphere.

As head girl my duties include the tidiness of the Castle, and to ensure the slave cock and cunts are regularly inspected to maintain the high standard expected by the Mistresses. Upholding the high standards of my Mistress’ home, has become a great passion, to keep it a place where fine Ladies can come to relax and enjoy Themselves. i am always happy to help out newcomers (Dommes or slaves) to settle in and understand this amazing place, to appreciate how the rules give order and structure how they benefit A/all.

i take great pride in being able to provide boot worship and cleaning services as needed as well as high quality cunt pleasuring when required, and a very able cock sucker, skills i employ both for the pleasure and amusement of the Dommes. All the while I seek to learn and grow and become a better girl, and am currently learning a little puppy training. Foremost in my mind and heart, always, is my unwavering love and devotion to my Owner, the most beautiful and wonderful Mistress Elaina.

slave bob: i have been at the Castle almost since it first opened. i feel immensely proud to be wearing Mistress Sarah's collar. my skills have greatly increased under the guidance and training i have received from Her, and feel i am now better able to serve both Her and the other Dommes that frequent Castle Elaina. i am a pain slut, enjoying being under the total control of my Mistress, but am also very skillful in giving pleasure with my tongue and my slavemeat.

i am also a room Moderator a position that i take very seriously because i love this room and want to make sure that it stays true to it's BDSM theme. i fully understand that the rules are set in place to enhance our experience, providing a structure where we can live out our online fantasy to it's maximum potential. Though i belong to Mistress Sarah i am available to be used by the other Mistress' of the Castle, always endeavouring to make Mistress Sarah proud when i am used by Others.

slave dave: I am honoured to that i have been chosen by Mistress Elaina to wear Her Collar.

I found the Castle and have never seen such an unbelievable Realm. Those that rule are amazing beyond words and the home that Mistress Elaina has provided is beyond compare. I am honoured and privileged to be a member of this wonderful F/family and look forward to being in the Castle as much as is possible.

Since I have been coming to this Realm I have truly gotten in touch with my submission thanks to the training of Mistress Elaina and all the Other wonderful Dommes that inhabit the Castle. Even when not in service, the amount that can be learned is immeasurable. I can't thank E/everyone enough in the Castle for assisting me with my true desire of submission, especially Mistress Elaina. The environment that is provided is one of safe/sane and consensual truly adhering to the BDSM credo. This lends itself to a no pressure environment in which P/people can realize their true desires. It is like no other Realm I have ever found.

An even greater honour, one in which there is no comparison is to be considered by Mistress Elaina. I truly can't put into words what this means to me and my heart and soul leaps whenever I even contemplate the possibility. To have the honour and privilege of being summoned to Her is beyond comprehension and every time it happens to me my heart and soul soars so high nothing can bring it down. She is the epitome of what BDSM is and has truly created a paradise for A/all to enjoy.

maxmax: i'm a submissive boy willing to improve himself. i find Women amazing! They make me want to be useful to Them and please Them, especially Those who are aware of Their superiority, Their power and Their wisdom. i still have a long way to go to become a very good submissive, but here at Castle Elaina i've found the right place for me to grow my qualities. Under the sweet guidance of Mistress Elaina and the other Ladies of the Castle, i've started to realize more and more what i can do and what my purposes are.

i find Castle Elaina very different from other homes, in a positive way: the Rules ensure correct behaviour and adherence to the Lifestyle from both sides (D and s), so that it becomes clear if a person enters the Castle with the right intentions or not.

i've found sincere and beautiful people here, and i feel honoured to have become part of this nice and valuable Home. .

heidi: Castle Elaina has been my home for some time. I can say that it is by far one of the best managed rooms I have chatted in for a very long time and I am proud to call it my home. I am a bi curious sissy slut and am proud of my job to push my limits in sucking cock and ensuring to entertain the glorious Mistresses of the room. I am a room whore and always ready for service - always dressed beautifully in stockings, panties, and high heels, ready to pleasure and serve


Moderators are not here to Control the room, but simply to offer guidance and help correct disruptive behaviour. All Moderator interventions should, whenever possible, be done in a way that encourages good behaviour, rather than forcing the issue. Moderators help set the tone of the room, and therefore should try the “carrot” before employing the use of the “stick”.

Each time you enter Castle Elaina, click on CONFIG, and change the squelch options to “squelch by IP”. The reason for this is, if you gag or boot someone when it is set to “squelch by user” all that person would need to do is leave the room, then enter using a different name.

As a Moderator, you will never use the squelch option, for in doing so, you lose the ability to know what is happening in the room, and therefore, are unable to adequately moderate the room.

Gagging someone is usually done to either, get their attention, or to silence them, usually after they have received a warning that they will be gagged if they continue with their disruptive behaviour. If they continue to post after they have been gagged, (once gagged they will simply be posting “mumbles through the gag”), then they should be told to discontinue posting until the set gag time expires, and if they continue to post they should be booted. Simply set the number of minutes and click on Gag.

Booting someone from the room should be done when you feel a simple warning, or gag will not suffice. Those that are blatant in their disruptive behaviour need receive no warning and should be booted immediately. A 5 or a 10 minute boot is usually enough to discourage errant behaviour, however, there will be times that a maximum boot of 999 minutes is appropriate, for those that are seriously disrupting the room. Simply set the number of minutes and click on Boot.


Mistress Elaina welcomes you to Her home

Other Ladies who live here

Cuntress Sarah, Mother Lea, Mistress Kelly, Mistress Brat, Mistress Annika, Mistress Tessa, Domina Katrina, Mistress Tanya, Mistress Irena, Mistress Kimiko, Mistress Zalana, Mistress Vanessa

Following careful consideration, Castle Elaina has amended its policy regarding cock displays. As always, male slaves will enter the pit and, with the use of an appropriate image, may display naked. The only time a slave may display an erect cock is during a scene when it must be contextually appropriate. We do ask all Shemale Dominants to exercise an even greater degree of decorum by not openly displaying their cock. These amendments have been introduced to maintain CONTEXT with all displays and reinforce Castle Elaina's deserved reputation as a domain promoting female supremacy. Castle Elaina

Castle Elaina

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(Mistress Elaina, Cuntress Sarah, Domina Katrina, Mistress Brat, Miss Susan, Mistress Irena, Miss Tanya and Mistress Zalana)

Mistress Elaina (Owner of Castle Elaina): I am a bisexual Domme who enjoys the softness and curves of a beautiful woman as much has the firm strong muscles and hard meat of a male. Depending on My mood I can tease and torment to distraction sending those who serve into the subspace of pleasure. I like to be pampered and worshipped.

Nothing pleases Me more than a slave showing their submissiveness through the worship of My boots. The lucky ones can kiss My leather glove to show their devotion. When pain is needed to teach a lesson My wrist can control My whip to exert the admonition that is required. The exquisite pain I can deliver is renowned.

I have two wonderful special ones in katie (the head girl) and dave. Both have the honour of wearing My collar. I look forward to welcoming you to My home and who knows what awaits you when I summon you.

Domina Katrina: I consider Castle Elaina to be the best room in Chatro, as it allows both slaves and Dommes to fully express themselves without fear of being judged. In My time here I have revealed My desires, My lusts and My fetishes, especially with regard to My smoking fetish.

My thick Shebull cock is often used to bring satisfacion to slaves, having them squirm before they squirt their cum for My pleasure. I enjoy filling fuckholes as well as having My thick meat sucked. Having said that, I am also equally content to suck slave cock, milking the slaves, and feeding on their seed, as well as feeding on tasty slave cunts.

My style of domination is best described as strict, and loving, an effective combination that both controls and encourages those that are used for My entertainment.

Mistress Brat: I love Castle Elaina. I think it's a wonderful room. I have been coming here for a number of years. I'm very proud to call it my home and thank Mistress Elaina for allowing me into her home and making me feel so very welcome.

I have met and continue to meet lots of wonderful slaves and subs who have pleased me by serving me in many different ways.

I am a very lovely bubbly Dominant Lady, fun loving and caring, however, I can also be very strict. I will not tolerate nonsense, or slaves not following the Rules of Castle Elaina.

I have a new wonderful wife called Mistress Eva. I can't imagine my life without her in it. I love and very much adore her.

Don't be afriad to ask me any questions about the BDSM lifestyle. If you do, I'd be more than happy to help. My main fetish is feet. I love everything about them. I often tease bois and girls just by My feet.

Miss Susan: I am Castle Elaina's Display Whore, always displaying my udders or my fuckholes for the pleasure of those that enter the Castle. I am a lesbian Domme that said I enjoy the company of girls, gurls, and bois. I am strict and when required, considered cruel on occasions, but do like to think of Myself as fair.

I think it the duty of a Mistress to train and help a slave to improve to be the best they can be.

I found the Castle at the start of 2015 and was immediately impressed with the adherance to the stated Rules, giving structure, and a sense of purpose to both slaves and Dommes. It is without question the best BDSM themed room in chatro and a place I am now pleased to call My home

Mistress Zalana:I am a Mistress that craves power and discipline of slaves. I demand respect. I expect a slave to come into the room with the full knowledge that she is there to dominate them and will not accept anything but their very best effort.

I like to scene with as many slaves possible at a time while giving each of the slaves her personal attention.

I hate half assed presentations by a slave and so demand that you present yourself In the Pit with such a true desire to serve. I should be able to close My eyes and see what you type and actually picture what you look like with just your words.

If I do not feel you have given it your best effort you may find yourself back at the door reentering showing the respect to the room that I demand.

I believe totally in the commandments and expect that they be followed.

Mistress Irena: I discovered Castle Elaina in March 2016 after having tried some other rooms and found them either no fun or too open and lax in their approach to BDSM. I like to have fun but I definitely want to be in control so I can get the most out of it for My pleasures. Usually, the slaves enjoy this too but, to be honest, their enjoyment is not really of importance to Me.

I like to dress elegantly. I believe that powerful women should dress elegantly and fully display their power and elegance through their clothes. I believe this is the outward sign of what is deep within Me. Rarely will I display My body but perhaps this is a dormant side of Me that the room might bring out. I certainly enjoyed the ‘Boots and Breasts’ weekend.

Part of the attraction of the room to Me is that the views and philosophies of the Ladies who live here are so varied. Mistress Elaina encourages that variety in a highly inclusive way. Powerful she male Dommes can therefore enjoy the room equally as well as ‘authentic’ Dommes and so there is opportunity for infinite variety.

In terms of BDSM I like to orchestrate scenes and although usually very proactive is setting them up will respond to slaves and other Ladies who make contributions. This way the scene is organic and one that stimulates the mind and more physical parts of the body in many and varied ways.

I am bi-sexual and am in search of a special one so if you want to be used I expect you to demonstrate that through your posts and the way you behave – you may be the one. I have no time for those who are going to waste My time and this is usually noticeable from your first post to Me if I summon you. Make it count! You might not get a second chance.

I am very happy to be a part of such an interesting and wonderfully friendly group of people who really understand what BDSM and a D/s relationship is all about and hope my real time will allow Me to enjoy many hours in your company.

Miss Tanya: A/few years back was searching for a room that made sense. I found up-stairs room clickish and not friendly.

I searched the Underground and found a room I loved. There I met Elaina. Heaven at last! Elaina’s room and Her Castle is a loving structured home to Aall. She is loved and respected by A/all who visit.

I am 43 yrs old - a Canadian from Toronto area. I am very bi sexual. I will scene if I am aroused to a point of total giving to my partner (male/she male/Mistress/slave/female).

If I tell you privately (what happens in this room stays in this room ) you are special to me. My weaknesses are my breasts and nipples. I love them fondled even spunked on them. This is the height of ecstasy for Me (blushing). Kisses and thank you all for welcoming me to this wonderful place.

Lady Frances: I am one of the newest members Mistress Elaina's family. I have only been here a short while, but it does feel like home already.

I tend to dress like a lady from medieval times as they had it right, soft on the outside but with a strong core inside. I am rather aged but aged like a fine wine!

I am bisexual. I prefer Mistresses, girls, gurls and bois in that order. I enjoy watching as well as organizing free for alls as much as participating, so if I call on you I need to feel your desire to entertain Me.

I am fair but will tolerate no insolence, read and obey the commandments and we shall have a good time!