#1-You MUST be 18 years and older to enter.
#2-This is an Image Posting /General Chat/Cyber Room/Fun
#3-Turn off images if they offend you.
#4-You're adults be responsible for your own PM . if you refuse to squelch you have no complaint. YOU control your PM we don't.
#5-Do not ask a Moderator to boot someone you have an issue with. Again please Squelch them.
#6-Moderators WILL remove you/gag you if you are publically harassing or bothering someone .
#7-Nothing illegal is to be posted in this room or in a PM . No excuses. All chatropolis rules apply.

Everyone is welcome in this room, regardless of their lifestyle choices .Feel free to drop in anytime. All we ask is to respect others and their views. Most of all have fun...
Do you need an Av made , dont know where to go or who to ask. Both links below are to design forums. Here you can sign up look around message designers make requests. Play games and Bid on Av's or find out when and where Auctions will be held. Auctions are free and are for everybody. Bidding on the boards is free. And no one will bite if you have a question. Try it you might meet some really great people..



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