This room is intended for use by Female Dominants and their admirers.
It is themed towards male slavery and cuckoldry.
Pain, humiliation, and servitude is expected. Extreme play is encouraged even to the point of fantasy.
Public play is also encouraged.
If Y/you have questions about any of the above, please feel free to ask the room owner:
Goddess Natasha


Room Owner:
Goddess Natasha
Head Moderator: Ms Wendy
Admin: the loser

Please feel free to email room management at the following address if you have questions:
Dark Shadows Email
If a cookie is needed, try clicking here: May I Have A Cookie, Please?

1. All Chatropolis Rules Apply
2. This is a public FEMDOM BDSM room. Dommes always have the final say.
3. This is a room for Female Dominants and male subs, and Ladies and their cuckolds. Others are invited to try one of the many other rooms catering to their desires rather than this one.
4. This room is an escape for some. Drama is to be left at the door. Those who fail to do so will be dealt with, perhaps even without warning.
5. Avatars are encouraged but not required. Maximum size of 450 pixels will be enforced.
7. Interruption of scenes in progress by speaking to one of the participants is considered bad form unless invited. This will result in being booted for a cool-down period.
8. Please use proper names when entering.
Goddess Natasha reserves the right to permit other names upon review and approval.
9. Worthless males must ask for permission to leave.
10. No cock avatars needed or permitted.
Goddess Natasha reserves the right to add, remove, modify any of these rules as She feels is needed for the benefit of the room and those within.

Goddess Natasha
and the loser
tie the online knot
(She deserves better)

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Goddess Natasha
and the loser's Special Day: 29 June
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