Welcome to Gotham

Batman Year 3


ARGUS had finally gone overboard. Those that opposed the Wall being rebuilt took a stand. During a carefully executed plan which hit all of ARGUS' assets at once a bloodbath took place. Heroes and Villains alike lay slain among the bodies of the innocent. After witnessing Batman fall in battle 2 heroes run to their time machine. A desperate act during a tragedy. They go back in time and change everything. Causing a Crisis that they call Batpoint. From the ashes a new world emerges. A world were the wall never existed. Everything has been wiped clean and we find ourselves in GOTHAM.


Starman and Robin (Stephanie Brown) Vow to never speak of Batpoint. Having seen what the wall causes they vow to never allow it to happen again. The world they create is not perfect. The need for heroes still exists. Batman has been active for 3 years. Still a myth to some. The Mob has been feeling the strangle hold he has been putting on them. In response villains and heroes begin to emerge.


Will you fight for the good of Gotham or will you do whatever you can to watch the heroes fail?

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Basic Room Rules


Getting started in any Role Play room can often be difficult. However, if you will follow a few tips, becoming involved will be easier.

1. Choose a character. You can pick a canon character but please look on the forum at the taken character list first. You can play and Character as long as they come from DC Comics but, Please bear in mind that if you character is one of the godly characters You may be asked to modify your powers or asked to pick another one all together. Your Other option is to create a character. Sign up for the forum and fill out a character sheet. Once it is approved you can begin rp with your abilities and such.

2. Be familiar with the rooms rules. Those can be found on the forum as well.

3. Observing is welcome but when you are ready to Role Play . Just jump in there . Putting yourself in the thick of things in this room is welcomed . Just be mind full of player locations via the Pull Downs. If they are in a private residence then more than likely you aren't going to even know where they are.

4. Use common courtesy and common sense.

5. While BD/SM is within the realm of this theme it is not the main focus. Please don't troll for it in here. You will be asked to leave or Booted.

6. Sex does happen in here. Please don't Troll for it. You will be asked to leave or Booted.

7. If scenes of Graphic violence or Rape disturb you. Then this is not the place for you. This is a violent world.

8. Stay up to date on the current happenings within the Role Play. There is an update thread on the forum. Please read it.

9. Please keep your Drama out of the Role Play and out of this room. If you have an issue with someone here . Do not bring it in here. You will be booted and banned.

10. This is the most important tip of them all. HAVE FUN!


Room Entry


Avatar Size limit is now 600 pixels high X 800 Pixels wide. please make sure your Avatars are within the limit.
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