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Darkness falls across the city, a child watches as a gun is raised, but before a shot can fired, a shadow descends, and the legend continues. The legend of The Batman. Gotham City is a city of crossroads, wealth and poverty live side by side, police and the mafia work hand in hand, and with the rise of a new class of hero rises a new class of criminal, many on both sides exhibiting strange powers and abilities, some reminiscent of the past age of heroes, others exhibiting new extremes of violence.

Hero or villain? Rogue or champion? Choose your path and step into the world of Gotham: Year Three, a persistent and interconnected role-play experience set in the world of DC comics and specifically Gotham City. Whether you'd like to step into the shoes of your favorite character or blaze a bold new path with an original character, you'll find plenty to love here. Our room is open to all players.

Step into the room to meet the players and learn more about the setting. We'll be happy to help you get your footing and introduce you to the setting.

Or if you're curious about the setting's history or how you can get involved in ongoing stories, check out this Click Here. Or join the forum to submit your own character and join in on the fun. We're happy to have you, and we hope you'll stick around.

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Basic Room Rules


Gotham is a collaborative setting, and we strive to create an open and exciting environment where everyone can have an impact on the world. But to ensure everyone has a good time, we do have a few rules in place.

1. The Golden Rule above all else is the rule of consent. On a personal level, that means always asking a player what they're comfortable with before making an action that would have lasting consequences for their character. Acts like killing, dismembering, or otherwise immobilizing another character requires permission from their player. Note that this extends to player-to-player interactions as well. Be polite, recognize the limitations and boundaries of others, and be respectful of them. If you wouldn't do it at the gaming table, don't do it in OOC chat.

2. We as players come from all walks of life. We want this to be as safe a place for our writers as it is a dangerous and gritty place for our characters (sometimes). To that end, we collectively refrain from discussing real world politics in open OOC chat. IC political affiliations are fine, so long as they further the character development and the general plot. PLEASE NOTE the different between Politics and Bigotry. We'll ask you to keep politics to yourself. Bigotry, be it racism, misogyny or anti-LGBT+ sentiment will not be tolerated OOC. We recognize that characters sometimes have ugly opinions. Some of them are, after all, pretty terrible people. That said, do not use characters as a chance to express any personal bigotries. We expect all players to treat each other with respect regardless of gender, race, or identity, and to refer to other players by their preferred gender.

3. Consent extends to the setting itself. We encourage players to leave their mark on the world, but larger actions can impede the options for other players. Consider what impact your actions will have on the setting. If you have any concerns, consult with other players.

4 While we aren't an exclusively erotic room, there is a nature of implied consent when entering. Gotham is a dark and dirty place, and sex and violence are bound to happen. This is not an excuse to proposition strangers or try to shoehorn in ooc kinks. This will not be well received.

5. To allow everyone an opportunity to play with their favorite characters, we have a limit of two canon characters (those existing in the cinematic/comic/video game/animated versions of the DC Universe). Canon characters require moderator approval on the forum, but don't worry, the process is normally quick and painless. Keep in mind that this is a year three setting, and more powerful or esoteric characters may be limited or prohibited. We enjoy work shopping and making things fit, and if you're prepared to be flexible on some fronts, we can find places for lots of characters. For a list of outright out of bounds characters or restricted access characters, please see here
List Of Restricted Characters. Players are allowed an unlimited number of original characters of their own creation.

6. Consent is not an impenetrable shield from consequences. Make decisions wisely and with the recognition that other characters are likely to react. Bold crimes in bright daylight are certain to draw the persistent attention of heroes, and a crime foiled will likely earn you a nemesis. This is not a game to be won, this is an ongoing story to be told. Consequences are part of any story. Actions have reactions. Causes have Effects. There will be victories, there will be setbacks, there will be heartbreaks and there will be triumphs.

7. What your character knows and what you as a player know are not always one and the same. Your characters should act independently of your own interests, confined to their limited view of the world and their particular ambitions. For more about metagaming and why it's not excellent, please see here  
Click Here.

8. Remember to have fun. If you have any questions, our moderators and players will be happy to help you out!


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