House of Whores

Envision, if you will, entering a grand area of wood, and leather. Duel stair cases, one on each side of said area, a long, low lit bar tucked away under the vast balcony above, with chairs, tables, small couches and chairs adorning the room.
Anyone can be a whore. Qualifications are such: 1) Must be articulate. (Meaning “oh baby, right there, harder” is not articulate.) 2) Must enjoy public sex and flirtations. 3) Must have some level of integrity (Meaning: Don’t be fucking two johns or janes at the same time). 4) Simply add {HoW} at the end of your name and wear it with pride.
You do not have to be a whore here to fuck. You may “rent” a room from the house Mods or Myself, or simply deposit the credits in the “payment” box at the base of the stairs.

Rules go as such:

* What happens here, stays here. Much like Vegas.
* Each entering the room are allowed 2,000 credit per day.
* Public scenes are 500 Credits. Private scenes are 1000 credits.
* Whores can say yes, whores can say no. Respect that.
* E/everyone here is welcome. No one will be belittle, or made fun of, the email on the front door is to be used liberally. I will be tracking IP’s via log in. Mods will collect IPs and names. This is, above all, a safe place. If you wish to come here under 10 names and be trouble, we shall ban you.
*We also do not tolerate imps, or imping.
*Absolutely no VPNs w/o permission and no incognito - We aim to keep this room safe
*Pick one name, personality, and stay with it. This does help with the friendliness of a room.
* Anyone of the LGBTQ community is welcome here, in any way, shape or form.
* BDSM Practices are respected here, remember not everyone follows such, so inquire as to if someone is or isn’t a submissive or a Dom/me. Don’t assume and call someone “little one” and not be prepared to get your face slapped. Or kneel at someone’s feet and be told to get up.
* Respect. This is self-explanatory.
* In room banter is encouraged. Not only about sex, but any subject that strikes you.
* Lurkers will not be tolerated. (Find some porn, this is a room of words)
* Please use a name, numbers, dashes, and symbols will be asked to change to a proper name.
* Picture posting is allowed, however, do not flood the room with it or interrupt open scenes.
*Please keep AV side under 450 in height. This room is about the size of your vocabulary and appetite, and not your AV size. *Above all – Enjoy!

Get A Cookie!

Please email room owner at House of Whores if Y/you wish to apply for membership or need anything. **

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