Wanna have a drink?
Visit with friends?
Blood Rose Tavern is for you!
This tavern is LGBTQ friendly
and is Dominant based.
Submissives are welcomed with open arms here.

This tavern is owned and operated by
You are welcomed at the door of tavern by Isabella herself.
Adorning every table is a Blood Rose to
show EVERYONE is welcome here.

The room moderators are:
Isabella at this time
Listen to them or be banned!

The rules are quite simple for this room:
1. No one under 18 is allowed
2. No Anonymous names
3. Respect Others
4. No Pm without permission
5. No Child porn, bestiality or anything of that sort..
All Chatropolis rules apply here!
6. No lurking...
7. No double rooming... Stick to one room

Don't Like That?
Then Leave
Drama of any kind is
NOT accepted here and you will be banned!

Your IP address is being recorded!
so follow the rules
or you will be banned.

This room is owned by Isabella

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Blood Rose Tavern

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