$Dark Desires $
Formally Known is Isle of the Mighty Misfits
There is an ole adage that is with every great man is a greater woman You all know that Lilith is the mother of all Evil. That she has ruled Hell through her Lover, Lucifer. This is the Carnival of Sins. Is there a sin that you would love to play out and have no place to go to. Well this is a place for you , Any dark fantasy that you want to play out. Taboo, BSDM, age play ( within chatro limits,) Demon sex, well in here, there is a lot of demons here in hell. Torture, sensual, blades? Do you wish to be snuffed? We can do that here as well . Humiliation, yes sure,, as long as all parties are ok with it, Or do you just want a getaway , do you wish to just have an intimate moment without a room full of people. Do you need an escape? We have plenty of room and board here. There is no book for rules here, no paragraphs . There are only a few rules here. Be polite: yes, if there are people here, please greet everyone. There is no order, just to be polite enough to say hello to everyone, If there is someone you dont like, simple hello is ok, or just skip that person , Do not interrupt a scene unless you are asked, No Criticism here, everyone has their own set of desires and kinks and styles. If you have nothing nice to say, keep it to pm or to yourself, Drama stays out of the room. Leave it at the door, if you are here to cause drama and disrupt the room. You will get the boot. This is my second home. If I am not in here, I am in Gender Bender. There are really cool people there as well . The ruler of this room is Lilith

If you need some clothes.. please come here Digital Temptations
** ~ Dark Desires ~ **

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