Cake & Sodomy

Cake & Sodomy

This is the perverted realm of Lola Lollipop and Her depraved personality disorders. This is a roleplay and ever changing theme room. Please give in to the pleasures and don't be shy.

There is a filth bucket at the front door. Please feel free to make a donation as you enter.

STRIPPER FUN: come in and dance on the pole, or watch the hot sluts dance.

1. If a room event is in effect, you must participate or leave.
2. Quality roleplay is expected. If your best is "mmm mmm fuk me...cumms" then you won't be long for this room.
3. This is to be mostly a public fuck type of place. All manner of naughty can be said and done in public, minus the illegal and banned content of this host site.
4. Come in with a reasonable name. You won't get far here if you don't.
5. There is no tolerance for ignorance or uncooperative people in relation to the theme of this room. You will be excommunicated.

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