First and foremost Club D/s is Tamerís home. This is My room, though if it grows like it did last time, I will expand it to include more. Everyone is welcome. A few guidelines follow:

This room is quite simple. It is a D/s room. Adherence to D/s principles, with reasonable compensation for individual practices, is a requirement. Respect will be given to all individuals regardless of their status in D/s. D/s here is not role play. It is the way we operate. There may be scenes or play going on in public. Please be respectful if this is the case.


1.Chatropolis ToS apply
2. Everyone is welcome, while it is a D/s room, not everyone is into D/s. Some people come to visit others, some come to explore something new, some have tons of experience. Be respectful.
3.I do not want any Drama from other rooms brought in. Do not come hunting if Y/you see someone you are having issues with. If someone enters that Y/you dislike, be polite but there is no need to engage with them.
4. Posting pics is allowed and encouraged within reasonable limits. Keep the sizes down so they can be seen within the rooms frames. Mistakes can always be made...but keep them to a minimum.
5. I will change and update the rules as needed.
6. Enter and enjoy Y/yourself

! Club D/s !

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