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1. We expect open scenes. if a scene is taking place you may request to join in, or you can observe as the scene unfolds

2. As already mentioned we expect detailed and descriptive responses. Although we do not want war and peace

3. No drama will be tolerated & respect all that play in this room

4. PM's are permitted as long as both users are comfortable with that. But please do not PM someone that is already involved in a scene

5. We understand that people want to play different characters in different rooms and that is allowed. But when coming here stay in character at all times, no changing name or T/title

Female Mistress & Gurl Mistress AV, Name & Room Rules

- Mistresses AV height to be 450 - 500

- Switching is allowed but You must always carry Your title of Domme or Mistress

- Although the Master of the room is the Alpha in this room, He will show the Mistresses total respect at all times

girls and gurls AV, Name & Room Rules

- girls and gurls AV height to be 400 - 450

- All girls and gurls must be in lingerie and stockings, heels are also permitted

- Both girls and gurls should have a feminine name

- gurls should always look feminine and no cocks to be visible

- any gurl entering must add to their name 'gurl', for example; sarah gurl

- Both girls and gurls may enter the room with an entry post that advertises your character, if you want to crawl in or walk in that is your choice.

- if you are not used within a scene then kneel or stand patiently and wait until you are called upon

bois AV, Name & Room Rules

- bois AV height to be 300

- All bois must be completely naked and showing an erection that is ready for use

- All bois must have an actual boy name

- All bois will crawl in and wait at the side of the room in silence

- All bois will present themselves in a position to offer themselves up if called upon

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