Irish Manor of BDSM & Perversion's

Welcome to the Irish Manor. All manners of perversions occur within these walls. However, this room is open to all to enjoy

The main goal of this room is to have fun and enjoy your time online

BDSM scene's are allowed, if a scene is in progress please be respectful

The Owner of this room is Meav, for room membership contact her at

The rules of this room are simple

leave drama at the door

Respect that No means NO

You must use a actual name, not a description. A few exceptions may be made by the room owner and her decision is final

Picture posting is allowed, just do not flood the room

Room moderators are Meav, Karla (with a K)

Keep AV's to a maximum of 400 please

Whorphange Refuge

If you need to create a cookie, click on the pic

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