Gingertown, A ladies playroom

Welcome to Gingerton. This is a LADIES ONLY ROOM, and a home for ginger haired folk. All manners of perversions can occur within these walls.

This is a STRESS FREE ROOM. Keep it that way or keep away

TS and CD's are allowed in however NO pictures of male genital parts may be shown.

This is a chat room, not a lingering room, reply to a Mod or you will be removed

Please use a chat name. Do not come in with no name (anonymous, dots, dashes, etc.).

Mods have final say on what goes on in the room.

Show respect and do not hug a collared girl or one spoken for

You must be 18+ years of age to enter

This room is a BSDM theme room, for people to meet with those they may know or to make new friends with people who have the same desires and fantasies

Please respect each other's space and be respectful ALWAYS!!

Please ask the person to PM before doing so. Its common courtesy All other Chatro rules apply.

The Owner of this room is Meav, for room membership contact her at

leave drama at the door, Leave your BS at the door

Respect that No means NO

Picture posting is allowed, just do not flood the room

Room moderators are Meav, Karla (With a K), ~Tina~

Keep AV's to a maximum of 400 please

If you need to create a cookie, click on the pic

There are 0 users in this room

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