A secluded retreat deep in the woods where Women rule.

Welcome to The Panthers' Lair - A Forest Retreat for Women and their selected guests.

This room is the home of Meryll and her family and friends.
The Panthers Lair is a community where it takes the common sense of all to make the room what it is.
Read our rules and respect Yyour Moddesses, their word is final.

Read & Respect Our Room Rules:

  • All Women - straight, les, and bi- are welcome in the Lair. men are allowed by invitation, or request. Just keep in mind Women rule The Lair.
  • Flagrant multiple name changers, and proxy IP users - you are NOT welcome in the Lair. Your IP address(es) will be logged and you will be BANNED - NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • While here, please show RESPECT for O/others regardless of whether Y/you agree with their lifestyle (Ds, vanilla, or other). Open scening is not allowed.
  • Also RESPECT O/others by asking before Y/you PM A/anyone. PM violators will be BANNED - NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Please keep Y/your AV choices tasteful and under 400 pixels in height.
  • Y/you are welcome to play music or post images while in the Lair.
    • When playing music: Please wait Y/your turn and do not post one song right after the other.
    • When posting images: Keep them under 500 pixels in height, and do not post images of males or male genitalia.
  • General Chatropolis rules regarding images (bestiality, underage/child, etc.) also apply. Talk of underage/child in sexual connotations is also expressly prohibited and violators will be BANNED - NO EXCEPTIONS.

If Y/you see a rule violation, or if someone tries to get Y/you to do something Y/you don't want to do, tell a Mod right away!

Remember, this is a Ladies Dominant retreat...enjoy!
--Room Owner Meryll

! * The Panthers Lair * !

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