A secluded retreat deep in the woods for women only.

Welcome to The Panthers' Lair- A Forest Retreat for Ladies Only

This room is the home of Meryll & MsJen.
We dedicate the Lair to all the couples and other ladies who call it home.
Without all of you, our room wouldn't be the place it is, filled with love and wonder!

Ladies! You are invited to dress in your favorite costume & attend our First Annual Halloween Party!
Sunday, October 29th @ 3pm California PDT
🎃 6pm New York EDT 🎃 7:30pm Newfoundland NDT 🎃 11pm London GMT
(and Monday, October 30th @ 9am for our friends in Sydney AEDT!)

Please Read & Respect Our Room Rules:

  • All women - straight, les, bi and trans - are welcome in the Lair.
  • Men, flagrant multiple name changers, and proxy IP users - you are NOT welcome in the Lair. Your IP address(es) will be logged and you will be BANNED - NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • While here, please show RESPECT for O/others regardless of whether Y/you agree with their lifestyle (Ds, vanilla, or other). Open scening is allowed but NEVER required.
  • Also RESPECT O/others by asking before Y/you PM A/anyone. PM violators will be BANNED - NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Please keep Y/your AV choices tasteful and under 400 pixels in height.
  • Y/you are welcome to play music or post images while in the Lair. (Meryll{MsJen} and *Alexandra* {Susan's}{t} are the Lair's official DJs.) When playing music, please wait Y/your turn and do not post one song right after the other. When posting images, keep them under 500 pixels in height, and do not post images of males or male genitalia.
  • General Chatropolis rules regarding images (bestiality, underage/child, etc.) also apply. Talk of underage/child in sexual connotations is also expressly prohibited and violators will be BANNED - NO EXCEPTIONS.

If Y/you see a rule violation, or if someone tries to get Y/you to do something Y/you don't want to do, tell a Mod right away!

Remember, this is a Ladies Only retreat...enjoy!
If you like visit our friends at Sisters of Perversion and The Dark Chateau here in the Chatro UG.
--Room Owner Meryll{MsJen} and Wife MsJen(Meryll)

! *The Panthers Lair* !

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