Why not stop by and relax, post an image, dance with your favourite boy or girl to your next new best tune, chat or if the mood takes you, get a little bit more intimate in private away from prying eyes.
Sound and Vision is all about indulging your senses in a fun and safe environment, a place to meet new friends, to see new things, to hear new music ( and some classics too), but mostly S&V is all about
you. So, do yourself a favour and stop by and try something new.

Like all safe places, there are some rules we ask everyone to abide by. If you feel that these rules are too restrictive to follow, please feel free to avail yourself to any of the numerous other rooms within
chatropolis that may be more to your liking.

1. This is a sex chat room with adult content. You must abide by local age restrictions, minimum 18 years of age. Anyone younger, or representing themselves as younger
will be removed by a Moderator.

2. Images of children or beastiality are strictly forbidden. They go against the rules of Chatropolis and this room and will not be tolerated. Anyone caught posting such images
will have their ip
details captured and be removed
by a Moderator, the details will be passed to the site owner and added to the room banned list.

3. Image posting is encouraged. Consider your audience when posting hardcore images. Tastes vary, and sometimes less is more.

4. Please feel free to post music, funny clips, or sexy images and gifs.

5. Please show everyone the same level of respect regardless of gender, sexuality, or lifestyle. Any form of discrimination or bullying will not be tolerated.

Finally, be polite, it goes a long way in helping make your chat experience as fun and sexy as you want it to be.

We welcome all. Memberships are free and allow you to reserve your chat name. Please provide your desired
reserved name, username and password by Email and we will respond as soon as possible. If you receive a cookie error
when trying to log in, click Here to create the Chatropolis cookie.

There are 0 Pleasure Seeker(s) in this room. (A hint of fun changes to come)

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