* ~ Matilde's Mansion ~ *


~ This room is for Dominant Females and submissive girls. Although Dominant Gurls and submissive gurls are also welcome!

~ That means No G/guys are welcome. Sorry! But there are plenty of other rooms here for you!

~ Please respect everyone in the room. This room has been created as a designated roleplay room. Please leave ALL drama at the door

~ We respect each persons limits here, so please bear that in mind when interacting

~ This is not a room for pic or gif sharing

~ We request for open scenes. But if You want to enter into a PM chat then please ensure both parties are in agreement

~ Please refrain from idle chit chat, if a scene is taking place, feel free to join in, but if you just want to chat then please move into PM


~ All that enter must wear an Avatar on entry and it is requested that the Avatar height = 450

~ No changes of AV's, please stick with the same AV at all times when playing in the Mansion

~ No nudity in any Avatars please. The surprise comes from seeing a present wrapped up

- sam's ORGASM Rule -

~ sam's orgasms are controlled by both Mistress Matilde & Mistress Andrews. All can tease and edge sam, but she may only cum if one or both Mistresses are present and give their permission. If she cums without permission then she will be severely punished ~

- honey's ORGASM Rule -

~ Unlike sam, honey is permitted to cum! ~

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