Everyone is welcome here in My home.

With that being said, everyone is welcome as long as you follow the few simple rules laid out here on the entrance page and you don't have a really shitty attitude.If you have a shitty attitude then be expected to have someone say something to you. You will NOT be banned or booted due to an attitude problem but you will be given a warning at first.


1. Please ask before PMing. This is really more of a suggestion than a rule since it's common courtesy. However, a mod will give you a warning if you send out multiple pm's without asking first.
2. If you have a dispute with another chatter take it private. None of the other chatters want to see your arguments and they certainly don't want you ruining their fun.
3. Moderators have the final say. You may disagree with the mods at times but the admins and room owner has confidence in the mods. However, if one of the mods does make a mistake then they will certainly apologize for that mistake. Mods are human too so mistakes are bound to be made from time to time.
4. Open scening is not only allowed but it is encouraged. If you see an open scene in progress please be courteous and don't interrupt the participants.
5. Pic posting is welcome but please keep them a reasonable size. Nobody enjoys seeing an asshole the size of a small billboard the moment they enter a room.
6. All standard Chatropolis rules apply here as well which means no incest, bestiality, or underage pics or posts.

Need a cookie? Get a cookie.

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