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House Rules

  1. General Chatropolis rules regarding images (bestiality, underage/child, etc.) apply. Talk of underaged/children/animals in sexual connotations is also expressly prohibited and violators will be BANNED.
  2. As a member you are welcome but you must follow the rules of the room and be respectful.
  3. NEVER send private messages, if you don’t have asked for permission and got it.
  4. Mods have final authority in the room and will make decisions based on protecting the room and the guests. Respond always when you are contacted by a Mod
  5. If you have an issue with someone in the room, use the Squelch button.
  6. Keep your AV under 400 pixels in height, otherwise it’ll be automatically resized to 400 pixels.
  7. Using different names than the registered may result that you'd be denied access to the room permanently.
  8. Open scenes are allowed but are not required. NEVER join in a public scene unless invited to do so.
  9. Public image posting is acceptable, but do not post anything that auto-plays any audio. When posting images, keep them under 400 pixels in height. if there's a public scene happening, don't come in and flood the room with pictures or gifs.
To become a member and reserve your name or if you like to contact an Admin, please write to: Room’s owner/admin
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