** New Horizons **

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House Rules:

  1. Common courtesy and simple manners are Rule #1. If in doubt, ask permission FIRST.
  2. All gender identities/expressions and sexual orientations are welcome in New Horizons.
  3. While here, please show RESPECT for others regardless of whether you agree with their lifestyle and/or choices (all categories, genders, orientations, relationship styles, and the list goes on). Be civil, even if it's a 'cool détente' like the end of the Cold War. Being polite harms you none. If a Mod contacts you about something regarding the room, please do kindly reply.
  4. Open scenes are ENCOURAGED but are not required.
  5. Names that are NAMES are preferred; however, when you choose a name, that's YOUR name. We're NOT going to police it unless we truly must. People can squelch you - that's on them beyond a certain point. If you've chatted as a particular name for years and years in chatro and on other sites, you're probably fine - check with AmandaNH or a Mod. This Chat Room and its Rules cannot (and will not attempt to) solve all of society's ills in how folks choose to name themselves in an internet chat room. Be adults, all of you.
  6. Changing your established chat name *for purposes of deceit* is a bannable offense. We do check IPs. If you must change your chat name, please carefully consider the impacts of doing so, and do please let us know. Remember: doing a name change for deceptive reasons is a bannable offense. Sometimes, one decides they simply MUST "pop in for a 'minute' to say hi" and such. Just don't over-do it, okay?
  7. There is no Rule #7.
  8. We ask that you be polite and ask IN PUBLIC before you PM anyone you do not know.
  9. Keep your AV under 400 pixels in height. The room has auto-sizing to help with this, but you should code it in anyway, just to be sure.
  10. You may post images and play music. Do NOT post anything that auto-plays ANY audio, period. When posting images, keep them under 400 pixels in height (auto-resizer helps with this as well). If you wonder if you're posting too often, check with the audience.
  11. General Chatropolis rules regarding images (bestiality, underage/child, etc.) apply. Talk of underaged/children in sexual connotations is also expressly prohibited and violators will be banned.
  12. While Mods will address things in the room and in the moment, none of us are infallible, and we're willing to hear feedback from our guests. We're all human, and we all slip up. There will be judgment calls when needed. We're all of us doing our best. And, as all of us are volunteers, please be patient and remember to work WITH us to make the room as welcoming, sexy, and safe as can be.
  13. There is a squelch button for a reason; please use that if necessary. No Room Owner, or Mod, or set of rules can anticipate or fulfill every request.
  14. Mods are not reading and cannot read other people's PMs. Stop it.
  15. AmandaNH reserves all rights to be mercurial.

Entering the room indicates your agreement with these House Rules.

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For membership information, or with any feedback about the room, please email AmandaNH at: amandanewhorizonschat@gmail.com.