No Holes Barred Bar & Grill
No Holes Barred
Welcome to "No Holes Barred"

Have you ever been to a bar or pub that even the police are afraid to visit? This is one of "those" places. Enter at your own risk! If you are easily offended, afraid of the dark, hate loud noises, triggered, or just plain stupid, This is not the place for you. Feel free to take your happy privileged ass on out of here.

  • Rules:
  • Have fun!
  • Don't break the furniture. You break it? you bought it!
  • Don't bitch! (about pic sizes, unwanted private messages, whatever) No one cares!
  • The squelch button is there for a reason. USE IT!
  • Don't piss off the MODS, They don't need a reason to Gag,Kick,Ban your ass!
You can reach the room owner here.
Just don't be surprised if you leave with a shotgun wound.
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