Once Upon a Time

Welcome to Once Upon a Time

We are happy to bring You a laid back room. Please keep in mind drama and stupidity are NOT welcome within this room, if that is your intention, please do not enter.

Moderators have the right to gag and/or remove any that are a disruption to the room.

So as such, please RESPECT yourself and others. It should go without saying, but NO means NO.

Open scening is encouraged in this room. Scenes may be of various types and persuasions. Try to keep public chatter to a minimum during a scene. Show any participants the same courtesy you would expect for yourself. Disparaging comments on scenes or participants will NOT be tolerated. Everyone has their own style and kinks. If you do not enjoy a particular scene, either squelch the participants or do not read their posts. Failure to follow this rule will result in booting and/or banning from the room.

Please keep avatars to a reasonable size.

Please do not use avatars that include gifs or moving images.

ALL Chatro rules apply within this room.

Please be sure to read the rules above

There are 1 enjoying the debauchery.

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