Purgatory House

Rules(Read before entering)

General Rules (Scroll down)

No single letter names unless approved by management.

Private messaging is to be kept to an absolute minimum and never without permission. Everyone is asked to request a pm in public. If a Domme chooses to take a slave in private, She should let the room know. When finished She should let the room know to avoid confusion.

Please refrain from double rooming.

Avatars are required. Height should no more than 500 pixel high

All Dommes will/are expected to allow slaves into the room after meeting the requirements. All means all.

We respect limits period! Please be explicit about them. However, We do reserve the right to test those limits.

A/all may comment on scenes respectfully. Join in if invited.

Mistresses Rules

Mistresses are in charge. Obey, Trust and Worship Your Superiors.

All Dommes are welcome to use the subs, collared or not, sexually or otherwise . Collared subs may have Special Limits which should be respected.

Owners should make their restrictions both minimal and clear.

All Dommes will/are expected to allow slaves into the room after meeting the requirements. All means all.

Rules for submissives.

Upon entry, you will stand quietly in a graceful, provocative manner after removing and tossing your panties into the hamper in the hamper provided at the door and wait until told to enter. You will then crawl sensuously to your place on the floor where you will kneel in the approved manner. Once inside, you are expected to serve in any manner required, regardless of whether you are collared or not. You may comment respectfully on a scene in progress.

Submissives will address all Mistress by Title unless otherwise advised. Express your gratitude for the privilege of serving in all ways including discipline.

Submissives may make their limits knows and they will be respected. In doing this, and in all other ways, they must be respectful.

Chatropolis User List

Any questions and membership enquiries ? e-mail Mistress Lianne

Guidance for Moderators

Moderators are not here to Control the room, but simply to help correct disruptive behaviour and to ensure the basic philosophy in maintained. Moderators help set the tone of the room. The role is not one of micro-managing the room. Ultimately, moderators should have fun like everyone else who enters. A quiet word in private is often better than any public condemnation of an action and should be done showing total respect for the person.

Gagging someone is usually done to either, get their attention, or to silence them, usually after they have received a polite warning that they will be gagged if they continue with their inappropriate behaviour. If they continue to post after they have been gagged, (once gagged they will simply be posting “mumbles through the gag”), then they should be told to discontinue posting until the set gag time expires, and if they continue to post they should be booted. Simply set the number of minutes and click on Gag.

Booting someone from the room should be done when you feel a simple warning, or gag will not suffice. Those that are blatant in their disruptive behaviour need receive no warning and should be booted immediately. A 5 or a 10 minute boot is usually enough to discourage errant behaviour, however, there will be times that a maximum boot of 999 minutes is appropriate, for those that are seriously disrupting the room. Simply set the number of minutes and click on Boot.

As a general rule, a good moderator should never have to use the gag or boot.

Mistress Lianne welcomes you to Purgatory House


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