Room Concept

A rough Masculine voice vibrates through the aire in welcome. You have found the Brotherhood. Its heart is based within the walls of the Black Dagger Tavern. For all intents and purposes it is merely a tavern with a dark vibe. The illusion of being owned by holidae and lyra lends an aire of simplicity. Yet the Brotherhood is anything but. They don't live in darkness yet darkness lives within them. Assassins and Mercenaries for hire. A secret society that is bound to extinguish that which they deem unworthy. Merciless Minds - Deadly Souls - They Love Hard - Play Hard - Kill with Ease - Without Regret

Beneath the stone and mortar walls of the tavern lies in hidden splendor the Compound of the Brotherhood. A private Sanctuary unknown and untouched by anyone other than the Black Dagger Society. Its tunnels bleed out into the dark of night as their piercing eyes cut through the dimness of shadows in search of their newest prey.

Time - Left AlignThe Brotherhood consists of those born with the Mark of the Dagger as well as Those deemed worthy of entering the Secret Society of the Black Dagger. Those skilled of Mind Body and Soul in the Art of Assassination.

Only in the eyes of society are our members deemed "Heartless". Here within the stone and mortar of these walls we are all accepting. We have a tenuous peace that for the most part remans in tact. However, at times chaos can and will ensue. That is the nature of the Brotherhood.

The Back Dagger is a Freeform Roleplay Room. You may Roleplay with others in the room or simply use your imagination to describe a Hit or Assassination You performed. The Message Forum will host a board where people may post Anonymously a request for a Hit or Assassination giving details of the reason for the request. Any Member is free to respond to the request and work out the details and financial arrangements. Please use this method frequently.


The guidelines here are for the most part common sense. No Underage Play, No Lolita Pic. No Scat, Rape or Incest. No Racism or Disrespect of our US Soldiers will be Tolerated. No crotch shot avies are allowed. Sexual Foreplay is acceptable but please take Hardcore Scenes to PM.

Please extend and reply to Greetings so that all who enter feel welcome. Be respectful of others as well as the Moderators within the room. If a Mod ask you to make an adjustment to your name or avie please do so quickly and without problem or you will be removed from the room. We are adults here so let us act like such. This is a Roleplay Room, while we understand that normal and casual chat will take place, please move to PM if a roleplay scene is evident in the room. Do not join into an active roleplay scene unless you are invited to do so. As always all Chatro Rules also apply within these walls. Failure to read the guidelines posted here will not be an excuse for violating them.

Black Dagger submissives must become members and wear the (BDB) tag unless or until they are collared to a Member of the Brotherhood. This tag may only be approved by an Active Member of the Brotherhood.

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