Welcome to the Bloodlust Manor.

Come and enjoy our extreme Vampire role play room.
This is a free form role play room - no need for scripts, or ongoing story lines.

The rules are simple:

All Chatropolis rules are in effect.
No one under 18.
No bullshit.
No anonymous names - this means a proper name is required.
No child porn.
No bestiality.

Respect is key.


We encourage open scening, in fact, if anyone tells you to get a room, feel free to bitch slap em!

Kindly disable telegraphs when you come in.

If an open scene is in progress, please respect the participants by not interrupting the scene.
If you want to speak to someone involved in a scene, do so in PRIVATE.

If you are in need of assistance, contact one of our room Moderators:

Sinful1, Spellfire, Jason, Darius and Danino

To contact the room owner: alvestalrose at gmail.com

There are 0 Lost Souls in this room.

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