Rainbow's end

First this is a work in progress .. So .. Let me state the obvious .. We are working on it ..

Main text here ... text .. text ..... text ... text .... text ..

Second line of text here .. text ... text ... text ..


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Rules for the Room
i. You must be at least 18 years of age to enter this room
ii. Absolutely no scening, pictures or chat (including pm) in relation to the subjects of beastiality or children, this will not be tolerated in this room
iii. Don't be an asshole, there are way too many of those in the world already.
iv. Public scenes are
v. Please always show respect to other guests in the room, don't be rude, PM without permission is considered rude.
vi. Please use an identifiable name when entering, if the moderator considers your name inappropriate you will be asked to change it.
vii. Please stick to just one name in this room.
viii. This is not a BDSM themed room, we accept respect is shown in many ways and welcome all lifestyles but not all people are Sir or Madam, so please show the same respect to the rules of the room.
ix. Don't get involved in a moderator performing their duty in the room, they do not rule with a fist of iron and are there for the safety and comfort of all room users.
The Room Moderators are: