Love all the colors of you "What if i fall?" she whispered...
"Oh, My darling, but what if you ...Fly," She replied.

Welcome to The Dark Chateau
Home of Ms. Susan's Family and F/friends

Here at the Dark Chateau Wwe practice BDSM, D/s, and there may even be a Vampyre or two about.

Room Rules
Please read because entrance into Oour Home assumes that you have read and will comply with these rules.

1. Our basic rule is similar to many rooms. NO DRAMA! There will be no toleration. Behave or be gone.
2. Respect is a two-way street and will be expected to be treated as such in this room. Be kind. Speak nicely. That applies to both Dom/mes and submissives.
3. Use a real name here, NOT a description, and stick with it. And yes, Wwe decide what is acceptable.
4. DO NOT PM WITHOUT FIRST ASKING AND RECEIVING PERMISSION. Itís rude. Youíll get one warning. Second time, youíll be shown the door.
5. Submissives have the right to say NO and that must be respected. Collared submissives will be treated as such!!!
6. No double rooming or lurking allowed. Again, itís rude.
7. Well-behaved males and gurls who properly identify themselves as such may visit Our Home as guests. The emphasis is on well-behaved. Snarkiness and grabby hands do not make for a welcome guest.
8. Avs may not depict male genitalia. That is an immediate boot and ban.
9. Dominants are responsible for the behavior of their collared submissives. Misbehavior of Oone is misbehavior of Bboth.
10. Jerks and problem children of all genders are not welcome and will be quickly booted and banned. Proxies are also booted and banned. Family and mods decide who fits these designations and those decisions are final.

Thank you for taking the time to read the rules. Please enjoy your visit.
We encourage public scening. No one is required to participate but Wwe do ask respect for any scene going on.
Please feel free to post pictures but please do not flood the room.
Please limit avies to a height of 500 or less, preferably less!

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Room Moderators
Ms. Susan | ...Che... | ~hope~ | Margaret | kristy | leigh | suzanne | adrianna | tamzin | lisa | ephiphy
To contact the owner:
To request a membership, please send your desired username, password, and screen name to

The Dark Chateau

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