This room is for Black Bulls...And the women who love them!
This is NOT a BDSM, Gender Bending or cuck room.
All Chatropolis rules apply. Chatters are subject to be removed from the room
without warning or provocation. If you have been REMOVED,
feel free to find a different room in which to chat. Thank you.

To help the room load faster and scroll easier
Avs or pictures used as avs should be 450 pixels in height or lower.
If yours is over that height you will be asked to resize it or remove it.
Failure to do so will result in being banned from this room.

IF you wear a picture or avatar showing penis or vagina you WILL be removed.
Plenty of porn is already posted here. No need to see it with every post you make as well.
If this is not acceptable to you then you can pick a different room or open your own.

There are 2 users in this room

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