So You want to relax and have a laugh? Drop in....grab a drink....chill at the bar or lounge in the pillow pit....

There is no whine with the cheese here....and the nutters are free!..erm nuts too... table top dancing is encouraged!
and the shamwows never run out.

Oh and while all the drinks are free...You will probably have to get them Yourself...
the wenches are way lazy and service could be dangerous to Your health. .

Mind Your manners....and take a minute to greet the Regs and O/others in the room..
Remember this is O/our home...NOT a public Room

Mind the Mods....some of them bite and others will hit You in the back of ya head with a bottle!
(we have tried to limit her to plastic bottles and cups but she assures Us she will just bring her own.)
(like the cattle prod is not enough tsk) mods are listed at the bottom in the room. .

And this is a Pub.....NOT a shaggin hotel...dont come in here simply to shag.
Regs and family are exempt as this is their home...but if the mods dont know you and you are simply in here shaggin
you wont be for long...LOL

W/we are a nice bunch....its a SOCIAL ROOM and every O/one is welcome here...The Black Bastard and i (sassy mischief) are into BDSM however others here aren't so there are no hard and fast rules just an
acceptance of everyones preferences.
So always expect the unexpected here.... enjoy Your time and... (smirks)...bottoms up!

All regular chatro rules apply ..... Cookie creator

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