Room 64

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1. Don't be a douche - be respectful of your fellow chatters, NO hate speech of any kind, We don't cast judgement in here, this is a safe space and all respectful chatters are welcome!

2. Leave your drama at the door - Do not come in with negativity, we all deal with life, this is a fun place to escape the reality

3. We encourage open scenes - no scenes involving minors or pic posting of such, no scenes of bestiality or pic posting

4. Some scenes might be on the rougher or edgier side of the path - if you do not like them, then squelch or leave the room. if a scene is taking place, have some respect for it, consider taking idle chatter to pm.

5. image/gif posting and music posting is allowed - Just don't flood the room with it

6. choose a name - please no anon names, no dots, no Letters, no billboard adverts, we would all like to be able to address you and involve you in the chat, a proper name goes a long way in doing so.

There is ZERO tolerance to breaking a rule. Failure to read them is a choice, and so is ignorance.

if there are any issues, feel free to PM one of our mods or send an email to

Our mods reserve the right to maintain the vibe of the room.

So come in, enjoy some good company and have fun!

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