Rules of Conduct

· Pick a real name. If you change it, let a mod know.

· Act like an adult. Drama will not be tolerated.

· Be courteous. Harassment and/or discrimination is not acceptable.

· Ask permission to PM first. If asked to be left alone, respect that request.

· Playing, teasing, flirting is okay. If the scene gets hot and heavy, take it to PM.

· Maximum AV size 400 height x 600 width. No genital nudity or animations.

· Do not mislead people with your gender.

· Respect the Moderators they are here to provide assistance.

Welcome to Bound by Desire - a BDSM Themed Room

You wander in, your eyes adjusting to the dim light, hearing a gentle rumble and consistent beat of low bass vibrating against the walls. Breathing deep as the door closes behind you, you smell the mixture of musk and rose petals. Your eyes trace over the room, noticing black velvet curtains lining the walls and ornate tables in each corner. The tables hold white tapers on beautiful crystal pedestals, lit and standing tall with soft tears of melted wax kissing the sides of each delicate candle. As the flames flicker and lick the air, soft golden streaks of light dance against the curtains bathing the small dark room in a warm, incandescent glow.

A woman moves to you from the right, slender fingers extended as her dark eyes meet your own. “May I have your coat? Please, make yourself at home.”

Slipping your coat off, your eyes scan over her, noticing only the essence of beauty. Her jet-black hair, slick, pulled up into a ponytail, shows off her angular face and high cheek bones. You watch the contour of her full red lips as they turn upwards in a warm smile, getting lost in them momentarily.

As you ask where you are, the woman takes the heavy coat from you folding it lightly over her arm. Your eyes trail down her body, noticing her lack of response, yet consumed by her curves accentuated perfectly in a shiny, purple latex dress. She turns to walk across the room, her heels clicking against the wooden floor. Soft, percussive echoes from each step rise in the small space caressing your hearing. Hypnotized, your gaze follows her graceful movements, keenly aware of the gentle sway of her hips.

She turns to you, parting a velvet curtain, and unveiling a large oak door, her hand moving to the doorknob. Finally, she speaks, her red lips parting, the sound like soft bells, beautiful and melodic. “You are where you belong now. Where control and obedience meet in an intricate dance of mutual respect. This is where you may fall to your knees in submission, or where You stand tall in control.“

She turns the silver knob, lowering her head but for a moment as she opens the door a few inches, soft music now spilling out into the candlelit room. Your eyes widen, lighting up as you glance into the room ahead. Once more, she lifts her head, opening the door fully for you.

“All who enter here, whether they wish to give up control or take control will be bound by desire. Will you come in?”


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Notes for Dom/mes and subs

· Understand that respect is earned, not demanded.

· Ask if you are unsure how to address S/someone.

· submissives and slaves have the right to say No.

· Do not make assumptions on what is/is not allowed with a Dominant's submissive.

· Always respect personal and room collars.

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