Proof you can't keep a good whore, or bunny, down! Unless your hand is pressing on the back of her head while she's choking on your cock, of course!


A room for sexy sluts, naughty nymphos, wholesome whores, submissive slaves...And for the people that love them!


We don't really have rules here. Just relax, have fun, be naughty. Be nice to other people and don't do anything in public that is against the chatro rules.
This room is designed towards those that like public fun, to be watched, for others to join in. For orgies, gangbangs and bukkakes. Of course, you can whisper if you wish...But it's hard to start an orgy in a whisper.

Upcoming Events :

Slave Auction!
Friday 22nd March
Midnight-LATE (UK) 7pm-LATE (Eastern US)
Everyone comes into the Auction with a thousand WŁ (Whorephan Pounds) and may spend it on as many girls as he/she can. If a price gets too high then bidders can team up for the one slave and share her together.

The slave will be asked to give a description of herself, her limits, and the amount of time she's willing to be sold for (e.g. two hours, three hours, no scat, no kids etc). This is a chance to show off and look sexy, while also expressing any limits e.g. men/women only, scat/pain/whatever you're not into
There is no need to register in advance, you will be sold in the order you come and volunteer. Bids will be in WŁ50 increments...the highest starting bid is WŁ50, and every subsequent bid must be 50 or less.
Though this is called a 'slave' auction, anyone, sub, Dom/me, male or female can put themselves up for the auction
Spend your whorephan pounds while you can, while they are still legal tender. *giggles*

Welcome to the home brought to you by Vladimir, aka Huge Hefner. In my home you find many varieties of sexy bunnies. The bunnies gladly take ownership and pride of the words 'slut', 'whore', and especially 'bunny'! But please always be respectful.- We do ask that moving forward you select 1 name that represents you and not your genitals. Thank you.

Some of our sexy bunnies celebrating the opening of the Bunny Brothel

Email bbsrealwhorephanage@mail.com
Or Talk to Vladimir, bb, or any Room Mod for help and advice

There are 5 users in this room

Family List:
  • Deshawn
  • De Shawn 1
  • Tristan
  • Grey
  • Dr. Brett Young
  • CaliKyle
  • Sensual Depravity
  • Vladimir {LbvE} (Owner)
  • Marcus Black Bull
  • Terrell
  • Prince Andre
  • Paul
  • Rick
  • Jax (bi)
  • Aura
  • The Black Friar
  • The Black King
  • Penny
  • Lovely (V)
  • Hannibal
  • Ace of Spade
  • Katherine
  • Drayton
  • Elsa
  • Vero Cuore
  • sensuele minx
  • bukkake babe {bunny}(slut/slave/pet/whore Mod)
  • kiran 36DDs (trouble maker, but in a hot way)
  • sabrina {bunny}
  • adeline {bunny}
  • susie
  • -alixana- {bunny}
  • kara haze
  • maya lee (meat)
  • susan (BBK#s Bitch)
  • selena {bunny}
  • fuckpet faith
  • gina
  • jezabella
  • {miniskirt} Burleyman's
  • katy
  • ~jenna~
  • clara
  • kimmy {bunny}
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