! *bb's Bunny Brothel

Proof you can't keep a good whore, or bunny, down! Unless your hand is pressing on the back of her head while she's choking on your cock, of course!

threesomes.foursomes.d/ps.whips.chains.collars.whores.sluts.cumbuckets.titfucks.blowbangs.parties.auctions.fancy dress.fuckery.

A room for sexy sluts, naughty nymphos, wholesome whores, submissive slaves...And for the people that love them!


We don't really have rules here. Just relax, have fun, be naughty. Be nice to other people and don't do anything in public that is against the chatro rules.
This room is designed towards those that like public fun, to be watched, for others to join in. For orgies, gangbangs and bukkakes. Of course, you can whisper if you wish...But it's hard to start an orgy in a whisper.

Have you got what it takes to be a Golden bunny?
Read below the sign in box for more details!

The Cumblast Rule
Do you just wanna get off on a girl without getting into a big or deep scene? Do you sometimes wanna blast a happy slut with Your hot load of cum?
Then use the Cumblast Rule!
The Cumblast Rule is designed for quick satisfaction and should never be more than three posts long. The men should do an approach post to his chosen target...e.g....'gets to my feet, walks over with my cock in hand, pointed at your face'...
The second post is all about the cumming...The thrid more about finishing up, thanking. Some of our bunnies and sluts will most often love a cumblast. A refreshing hot shower of spunk...Some may not. It's not a bad idea to ask first sometimes.

Welcome to the BUNNY BROTHEL! Brought to you by Vladimir, aka Huge Hefner. In my home you will find many varieties of sexy bunnies. The bunnies gladly take ownership and pride of the words 'slut', 'whore', and especially 'bunny'! But please always be respectful.- We do ask that moving forward you select a name that represents you and not your genitals. Thank you.

Some of our sexy bunnies celebrating the opening of the BUNNY BROTHEL!

In aid of role playing
Do feel free to take or create a tag, or a role for yourself in the room. This aids role play in giving you a place and telling the others a little more about you, and what mood you are in right now. Examples are...bunny slave...bunny slut...bunny whore...bunny dancer...bunny stripper...bunny waitress...bunny cumbucket...bunny girl...bunny boy...bunny boiler (LOL).You could wear this like 'b(. )( .)b {bunny whore}' This is optional. You need no permission but if you wish to join the family list, speak to a mod. Feel free to change your tag depending on your mood, or keep a tag continuously

This doesn't apply just to slut and slave types. Other suggestions are Brothel Barman...Brothel Prince...Brothel Pimp...Brothel Madam...Brothel Whore Master...Brothel Mistress...Brothel slut tester...Brothel Teacher...Feel free to use your imagination.

Email vbbbunnyranch@mail.com
Or Talk to Vladimir, bb, or any Room Mod for help and advice

There are 5 users in this room

Family List:
  • Deshawn
  • De Shawn 1
  • Tristan
  • Grey
  • Dr. Brett Young
  • CaliKyle
  • Sensual Depravity
  • Vladimir {LbvE} (Owner)
  • Marcus Black Bull
  • Terrell
  • Prince Andre
  • Paul
  • Rick
  • Jax (bi)
  • Aura
  • The Black Friar
  • The Black King
  • Penny
  • Lovely (V)
  • Hannibal
  • Ace of Spade
  • Katherine
  • Drayton
  • Elsa
  • Vero Cuore
  • sensuele minx
  • bukkake babe/b(. )( .)b {bunny whore}
  • kiran 36DDs (trouble maker, but in a hot way)
  • sabrina {bunny}
  • adeline {bunny}
  • susie
  • -alixana- {bunny}
  • kara haze
  • maya lee (meat)
  • susan (BBK#s Bitch)
  • selena {bunny}
  • fuckpet faith
  • gina
  • jezabella
  • {miniskirt} Burleyman's
  • katy
  • ~jenna~
  • clara
  • kimmy {bunny}
  • anna {bunny}
  • nozumi mai{bunny}
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What is a 'Golden bunny'?

Anyone can be a bunny. Just add the tag to your name. You are all welcome here.

If you wanna be part of the family, come regular and be seen being what a bunny does best and you will have a home here.

A Golden bunny is the best of the best. The naughtiest girl/boy..One that is not shy to be seen being naughty. One that will be friendly to old faces and new. One that will go that extra bit welcoming people. One with a loyalty to the room. One that will come in when it's quiet, knowing that being one of the best, she won't be alone for long. A Golden bunny shows a loyalty akin to if she owned the room, as if she paid the rent. And she should, because this is her naughty home and she's loved...by everyone.
You will recognise a Golden bunny by her gold/yellow tags. Speak to b(. )( .)b/bukkake babe {bunny} if YOU want to be a Golden bunny.