! * bb's Whorephanage * !

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gloryholes spanking anal whips chains fucktoys chatting bondage buggery bukkake
cumblast fun whips threesomes foursomes d/ps

A room for sexy sluts, naughty nymphos, wholesome whores, submissive slaves . . .And for
the people that love them!

This room is designed towards those that like public fun, to be watched, for others to join in.
For orgies, gangbangs and bukkakes. Of course, you can whisper if you wish but it is
hard to start an orgy in a whisper.

What is the Whorephanage?
The Whorephanage is FREEDOM. Freedom to be that dirty slut you've really always wanted to be, that whore, that cum guzzling
slave. Free from the judgement of family and friends, free from the disappointing judgement of society. Let that naughty side of you go free,
come in, chat, flirt, and take as many lovers as you want.
We have sexiest ladies and the hottest gentlemen. This is an OPEN scene room. There is no judgement!!

What is a Whorephan?
Sluts, whores, toys, slaves and more. All are welcome here, especially the men that love them. What is the difference between a slut and
a Whorephan? A Whorephan accepts her place in the world and loves it, even if it is on her hands and knees with a cock in her mouth
and two in her arse. Are you proud to be a slut? Are you proud to be a cumbucket? Are you proud that today six men and a few women have
fucked you? Then you ARE a Whorephan.
Join the naughty side, be a Whorephan.
(Currently recruiting more whorephans and family members, speak to a Mod or bukkake babe (bb).

What kind of events would you like to have happen?
Drop your suggestions to a room mod, to be passed along, and we will see what we can do to make them happen!!!


Please Note: We host a variety of room events, that are open for everyone, and for all to enjoy. Public sex scenes, porn picture posting, and sexual chatter do happen. If something isn't to your taste, use the squelch button, or please come back another time. Everything must be allowed within the chatropolis.com policy, and within the room standards. We do not allow anything that is illegal, violent, grotesque....(if you have to ask, it's probably not allowed.) Hold ALL negative comments. Thank you for your continued patronage!!!

Ace of Spades adeline Adonis(M)
Amanda anna (whorephan) Arden Prime
Aura {whorephan} BD {Lori} Big Black King
Black Daddy Black Plumber bondage bunni
Blue ♠~angie-liscious~♠ bukkake babe (bb) / b(. )( .)b {whorephan}
CaliKyle clara cuddles (whorephan)
danielle (whorephan) DeShawn docile kitten
DomBull Dr. Brett Young Dylan
Elsa erica redhead (whorephan) erin, mwf
Francine de Vere fuckpet faith {whorephan} gina
Gini Goddess Marica (Whorphanage) Grad
Hannibal Hung Black Grandpa(64) Hutch
jake James The Fallen One Jaylen
Jax(bi/Bartender) JB Jessica (Throat/Bukkake Whorephan)
jenna (whorephan) jezabella Justin W
Kaine kara haze Kari (whorephan)
Katherine (whorephan) katy KD. . Fuckable
kimmy {whorephan} kiran 36DD(whorephan) Lady Jenic
Lady Marcia laura(whorephan) lauren (whorephan)
Loki Lord Viper Lori {BD}
Lovely Marci Marcus Black Bull
*Mr M maya lee(meat) miniskirt
missy Missy C Monolith
narcissus patty Paul!!
pearl (whorephange) Prince Andre ragdoll {whorephan}
Rick RopeMaster rose (whorephan)
ruby(whorephan) Russ sabrina{whorephan}
sammie Sammie! TG sara (whorephan)
Scott selena (whorephan) Self_Pleasurevation
Depravity (Whorephanage) Simply Michelle Sinna
Skorne Solomon soozie (whorephan)
Stephanie de Vere susan (BBK's Bitch) susie
The Black Friar Tian Tim
Tristan Vero Cuore Victoria
Vladimir -alixana- (whorephan) :cynnamon:
~.defiled.~ {whorephan} ~ jenna ~ ~jizelle, gurl~ {whorephan}
=Lisa= ~Master Paul~ *Misty*
~nj~ -nymphie- ..succubus..

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Anyone that wishes to join the room as a regular member or Whorephanage girl please see Bukkake Babe i.e. b(. )( .)b {whorephan} or a room MOD. We would love to have you! You can send request or message to whorephanage69south@gmail.com! All Chatropolis Rules apply.

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