Zizi's House
Welcome to Sisters of Perversion
This is a Ladies Only, BDSM Room

However, here in a fantasy world, an extension of reality, an alternate reality, some may choose to do, or be, things they could not in their real lives. So come in and make your dreams come true for a time, but please be consistent.
Take time to choose your persona and look, but once you decided, stick to it. This is not a place to change your appearance and name each time you enter.
Consistency shows respect, for yourself, and others. As well, it is the best way to avoid a Mods scrutiny.

Moderators for SoP work to keep the room safe and fun for our members and friends please support their efforts!
Room Mods: ann, .Bella.,Cara, Jen, Jennifer~, Lynn, MsJen, Margaret, Mz.Barbee, Sharna, Sophie, ~Stacey, Tammi and Zizi

Be sure to visit Oour friends at House of Chiaroscura, Dark Chateau, Isle Majique, and Sound & Vision.

House Rules

  • Here we recognize the myriad of rules and caveats to BDSM.
  • When inside, while whispering is allowed, ask publicly first, not doing so is considered rude. Do it a bunch, and someone's going to tell a Mod.
  • Here you may find power exchange, Dominants may freely submit, and submissives may Dom, but...If you are caught talking about what happens here, you are no longer welcome here...
  • Please choose a proper name, do not come in as just a letter or number or punctuation.
  • Should you need to change your name or persona for any reason, please ensure a room Admin is made aware first.
  • While we all appreciate a little help, Please allow the Mods to handle issues, in doing such, their decisions will be final.

  • This is a place of mutual respect and tolerance, when given, it is returned, breaking our few rules is seen as disrespectful without warrant.

    General Rules

    All Chatropolis room rules apply here.
    For Membership application email Tammi
    or for further questions you may contact Zizi.

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