abuse's place


Welcome! All visitors are encouraged to read this page prior to coming into the room. Every chat room has a focus that makes it unique. This room is a chat room whose prime purpose is to provide a 'safe' place for male submissives where scening of any extreme, public or private, is encouraged in a respectful, supportive, and educational environment provided it conforms to Chatro's 'master' rules. The room is owned by "abuse addict (Miss Louise)". Miss Louise owns abuse addict and by extension, the room also. abuse addict craves Miss Louise with every fibre and loves Her and loves suffering for Her in every way. Ms Vivi is an exhalted visitor, should She ever visit.
Frittering will not be tolerated! (don't ask)

Wanting to message someone but they aren't in the room? Try stopping by this message board! CLICK HERE to go to there!


The room is moderated as required by Miss Louise and abuse addict. MsBambi is also a room moderator.

Visitors to this room are expected to respect other's fantasies and their headspace. Failure to do so will result in ejection from the room. If you are here and enjoying some of what you see but not everything, simply squelch the ones partaking in the parts you do not wish to see.

Mods reserve the right to eject instigators of unwanted drama and negativity with little or no warning.  We will take action on unwanted harassment seriously!

PMs without permission most certainly are not permitted. If someone PMs you and you do not want to speak with them, kindly ask them to not speak with you. If they persist, squelch them and kindly notify a Mod who will deal with the issue. This applies to repeated unwanted public conversation also.

Subs and slaves: you are under NO obligation to serve. Submission is a gift and it's your choice who to grace with that gift. You are fully entitled to say no, and be respected for your choice. If you took a collar, respect it. If you do get hassled, contact a Mod and/or squelch.

Dom(me)s and Tops: please bear in mind that any submissive is not required to serve or play, and that the same goes for You. If You do end up with a submissive glued to Your feet who won't take no for an answer contact a Mod and/or squelch.

ASK FIRST before laying hands on anyone. Unwanted touching is grounds for harassment.

Multiple open scenes are most welcome, as public scening is encouraged for everyone's enjoyment. during scenes, please restrict idle chat to PM.

We ask that visitors keep avatars to 400 pixels in height. The reasons for this should be readily apparent given that the main purpose of the room is public scening.

Must be 18 or older. No underage play. No pics of minors or bestiality per Chatropolis rules.  Transgressions will result in an immediate ban.

Enjoy and visit often!!!


abuse's place

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