! *~Lakeside Manor~* !

*^Lakeside Manor^*


This room is set in a place where everything located on the property is advanced technology. Posts made in this room, will be taken as a roleplay that was recorded by a security camera somewhere. Where a Owner or a Family Member will advise others of the events and what was left in the room to plan out their own role play. Even if no one else is in the room come and role play. If you don't like to role play alone, don't come in.

This is home to Johnothan and his girl charisma it is his rules, you will respect the rules he has placed on this home and you will treat it with just that RESPECT!!! There will be no cyber bullying allowed !! No forcing your ways on another and there is no whining about what goes on here! Be Adult if you can't be one then don't waste our time and come in only to get your ass booted!! Feel free to drop in and visit you may show pics if there is no role play going on but make them tasteful. No underage role play or pics of any kind will be tolerated you will be removed and reported to the proper authorities.

The year is 2018, Vampires, Werewolves, Demons, and other creatures of the dead are forgotten.The movies are no longer about how dangerous they are. It was like they never existed so to speak. What happened? Where did they go? Were they just someone's imagination, dream or were they a myth or legend? Kids wear the costumes during Halloween even those have changed, no longer scary like I remember them. They look happy and harmless. With all this happening it caused the worst to come out from hiding, Ones so macabre and deadly you can't even use your imagination to comprehend what is about to happen.

Before I go any futher let Me introduce myself, I am Johnothan's girl charisma the other owner . We live in a quiet manor by the water, peaceful, a retreat from the many problems or heartaches in life. We often rent rooms to guests that want a peaceful vacation. The Manor was once a house for the insane and it was changed into what it is today. A getaway, paradise to some, horror to others, once you come here, you may never see outside the manor again. The Manor is haunted I was told and maybe it was to some but to us this is our family. I will not hide this from you. Alright I will hide it until you arrive and the boat had left.

The cracks in the walls seep blood at times, there is strange noises in the night.The tree's move outside but there is no wind. You hear the howl from the wolves at night as they guard the gate. Screams echo in the wind.There has been people turning up missing and Police have came and searched but no evidence of them ever being here was found. So they would go on with their search. We knew what happened to the people and the bodies, we will never tell so don't even try to trick us and find out. But I and a few others still call it Home. There are Others of the Manor, you will meet eventually. I am certain they just can't wait to take a bite of you after roasting over a low flame, errrrr. I mean meet and Welcome you to Lakeside Manor. Let Me explain how you got here.

As You travel here by boat you are greeted by one of the Owners Johnothan. He then will lead you up the path to the front door, you will pass a large iron gate with a wolf sitting on both sides, snarling and growling when you pass, Johnothan assures you they are harmless but are they? You continue along the path up three steps to the large wooden door, once inside it looks like a comfortable place to stay almost right away you feel at ease, he then gives you a key to a room, tells you when dinner will be served, there was no internet and cell phones didn't work here, then what else you needed to know or least what he wanted you to know. He then gets one of his servants to help you with your luggage and show you to your room. As you make your way to your room, sounds are already surrounding you, blood curling screams echoes throughout the manor. Others begging to leave, the evil laughter.Then the sound of a chainsaw. Just as it started all was silent again. Your heart begans to race, the hairs on the back of your neck stand up as if someone had just walked over your grave.. The smell of death lingers, but as you turn to leave. Johnothan is there standing on the stairs. He steps towards you, oh don't worry someone is just playing a tv to loud I will take care of that right away, it is to late to turn back you are where it will all end. Enter if you dare. Enter if your not afraid. Welcome to Lakeside Manor.

Remember just keep telling yourself that your safe this looks like a nice place to relax... perhaps you will believe that for awhile.
But honestly in the back of your mind, you do wonder if you are safe....Just remember once you enter, you will not be able to leave.

This WILL become your hell. If you should enter or if you are took into the basement of the Manor, you may never see daylight again. Death has found you!!!

This Home roleplays, torture, cannibalism, death, and rape. Now if these things tend to offend or bother you then don't enter. Open scening is encouraged.

Now enjoy your roleplay, and be prepared to find out what true fear is.........

  • Larger AV's are allowed!
  • No Drama!
  • No pm'ing without permission.
  • Don't interrupt role play or force yourself in.
  • No whining or complaining.
  • No lurking.
  • This is not a pick up room.
  • This is a place to relax and have fun don't ruin it for others!!
  • If you are having problems with r/t and think you can't role play or act properly then do not enter.
  • Have Fun!!



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