! *House of Whores* !


This is not Y/your standard Whores House. A room is only as good as the P/people in it. Remember that when entering and make this the place Y/you want it to be. Please keep AVs classy vs crassy – Full exposed genitalia, lewd, overly young, questionable AV wearers will be asked to change. Please respect that. HoW is about CLASS not CRASS. We do not condone, or support any type of degrading behavior, if you participate in such behavior will be banned.

Imagine, if you will, entering into a grand sprawling room of wood, leather and stone. Twin staircases on either side of the inset bar grace either end of the expanse leading to private rooms of debauchery. In the lounge area are chairs, couches, and other places to sit and relax, flirt and unwind. Get to know the dwellers of the room

Anyone may be a whore, simply add {HoW} to the end of your name. Remember, you represent this fine establishment. Represent it well. The House gets 30% and is payable to any Mod (or you may drop the $ off in the box at the head of the stairs before going up to a room)

For any problems, please email the room owner at House Manager -- houseofwhoreschatro@gmail.com if Y/you wish to apply for membership.

Room dwellers are issued a standard room voucher – 2,000 room credits to purchase the time (time and limits are for the room whore to decide) of a whore who wears a House Tag. (ei {HoW} or a tag on the AV indicating they work at for the House). Standard fee is 500 for public and 1,000 for a private session in the upstairs room.

Whores may always say NO at any time. T/they have free will. Manhandling of room whores will not be tolerated, nor will being belligerent or offensive. This will lead you to being banned from the room. Period

Posting pictures is welcomed, please keep it to a minimum when an open scene is transpiring. Bantering and joking with one another is encouraged! Not frowned on, we want this room to have a friendly atmosphere. No one wants a silent room of PM only conversations. Make an effort to engage those not busy.


May 22 – (Wednesday) Anony Humpday Orgy – You know the drill – anony means no telling who you are, PM’s WILL be turned off during this event!

May 23 – (Thursday) T&A Thursday – (Tits&Ass) – You got em? Flaunt em! Show off a lil skin (AV event)

May 26 (Sunday) Superhero Sunday – Dress up at your fave DC, Marvel, or other comic book superhero, play the part and enjoy! (You may also come as yourself!)
May 31st (Friday) Fantasy Friday - Dress up as an elf, a fairy, a Knight, a Warrior, a princess!
Auction - 6/21 & 6/22

To up the ante, the management at House of Whores has come up with a devious plan to raise the stakes.
From May 15th to June 15th you can earn extra auction cash. Want to know how?
Wear the HoW Tag, engage in some fuckery. For every public engagement you earn an extra 100 dollars, for every private session you earn an extra 50. Each agreement to a scene (exchange of money) must be emailed to houseofwhoreschatro@gmail.com to be saved an documented.
– more info here https://howchatroevents.blogspot.com/2019/05/june-auction.html

The Rules

** You must be 18 or older to enter.

** Ask permission to PM before doing so.

** Respect is a key word in this establishment. Show some and it will be shown to you. It is earned, not given.

** Mods have 1st and last say in House rules. 1st you will be gagged and given an opportunity to rectify your behavior. 2nd if you continue to break the very few rules, you will be booted and IP recorded. 3rd will be a room ban. Any disputes may be addressed to the owner at the above email.

** Please limit the size of Y/your av to under 500 in height and 550 in width. The House is about the size of Y/your imagination, not about the size of Y/your av. (inside your image tag, after the jpeg, use height=500 or width=550 and this will reduce you to size.)

*** Please use a name that someone can scream out in the throes of passion and it not sound ridiculous.
*** Please use ONE name so we can get to know you.

** By entering you acknowledge that you have read and understand the rules.


- Cookie Creator - http://cs10.chatropolis.com/enter/cookie_creator

Ignorance of the rules is no excuse - go back and read them before entering.

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