Come Get Wet At Isle Majique - Once an Isle of Piratesses and Mermaids, now a retreat for Women Only.

Welcome to Isle Majique - An Island Retreat for Ladies Only
-- Please be sure to read and respect our Rules. --

In memory of Gramps my friend and mentor always there when I needed , I will miss you. -- Melodie

  • The Isle is a non-smoking Isle
  • PMs - Respect common courtesy. If you PM someone and they do not respond that probably means they have no wish to respond to you in private.
    Respect that wish and leave them alone. If told to leave their PM, then do so. Repeat violators will be banned from the room.

  • Men - NO ADMITTANCE...NO EXCEPTIONS. Your ip address will be logged and then quickly shown the door. This room is "strictly non-dickly"

  • TransGender - Please be respectful. We will try to respect your choices but respect your fellow Islanders and do not PM or such without asking.
    If you are not female please do not put in your name a word or phrase that denotes otherwise. You are not a girl, for example so please do not misleadingly state that.
    We also ask that you be tasteful with your AV choices and in what you display as far as images.
    No public TG scening allowed. Absolutely NO acts of aggression or forcing by a TG towards a female Islander will be tolerated, PERIOD.

  • AVs - Again this is strictly non-dickly. We ask your AVs not contain males in them and not have any penises. Please keep your AVs under 400 pixels.

  • Images & Music - You are welcome to post images and play music feeds but remember no males or their 'parts' in the images please.
    General Chatropolis rules & regulations regarding images (bestiality, underage/child, etc.) also apply. Please try to keep image heights to under 500 pixels.
    If they are too big a mod will let you know and help you show them smaller. The idea is that you have cool things to show but you don't want to piss off your fellow Islanders.

  • Remember, this is a ladies only retreat...enjoy the treats and treasures of the Isle. The respect you give to other Isle ladies is the respect you receive in return.

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Isle Mods: Melodie,Cosette,Lucy Jayn, SamanthaRed, Sharna and sh@ron.
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