Gloryholes and Gangbangs
Welcome to Gloryholes and Gangbang
This is a room for the dirtiest of girls, the greediest of girls, cock lovers and cum guzzlers. Girls in this room take the word 'slut' as a compliment, the word 'whore' an ambition. This is a room where there is the freedom from real life morality just to have fun with as many people as possible.
And this is a room for men, and women, that appreciate this type of girl. It's not for everyone though - if you don't fit entirely into the category of a man or woman, please find another room or you will be removed.

And if you enter using an explicit cock av - you'll be booted. Women can be as explicit as they like though - it's a double standard we can all enjoy.

If a woman asks you to stop whispering her, respect it and stop - or you will be booted. Do it repeatedly, and you'll be banned. And for those occasions when a group scene breaks out in public, pay attention before trying to join in - no one wants to have to stop and tell you that hole is already taken.

Cum Inside

Any problems, issues or questions, email G&G administration at:

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