Gloryholes and Gangbangs
Welcome to Gloryholes and Gangbang
This is a room for the dirtiest of girls, the greediest of girls, cock lovers and cum guzzlers. Girls in this room take the word 'slut' as a compliment, the word 'whore' an ambition. This is a room where there is the freedom from real life morality just to have fun with as many people as possible.
And this is a room for men, and women, that like this type of girl.

Please no explicit cock av's, i know, the girls can wear what they want so it's a double standard. But let's face it, it's a good one!

Although this room has a private (whisper) function, the purpose of the room is for public interaction, play, chat and flirting. It's hard to start an orgy when everyone's in whisper. ALWAYS ask before pming the girls, it's only polite. But be aware most here will prefer public greetings. And if a girl decides to ignore an unwanted PM, don't bother her with more.

Cum Inside

Room Members
Kevin {Proprietor}
Sara {Owner of the Brothel Bar}

Any problems, issues or equestions, contact the room owner at:

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