Room Rules: 1. Tolerance and Respect of Diversity, is key! Everyone is welcomed in this room be it Straight, D/s, LGBT, etc etc
Please don't freak out, and be prepared to witness open scening, when you enter this room. Please feel free to come on in anyway!
2. You will be gagged, before you're ever booted. So if that's a kink for you, create Drama.
3. Please address concerns regarding this room in PM, that is also how our Mods will handle all room issues.
4. If an unwanted PM is received; Alert a Mod, Ignore it, Respond with a PM in kind, OR use squelch. DO NOT create an issue aloud.
5. In addition: Image Posting is always welcomed, and at anytime. But, plz be mindful, all Chatro Rules do Apply.

The rooms in the underground are paid for by members who wish to run the rooms as they see fit, within the rules of Chatro.
We are very happy that you have chosen our room to visit. You are always welcomed here, as long as you follow our simple rules.

The Boss:
He has final say on all room issues

Room Owner:

Personal Property:
raye ann{**m™}
Never Available For Use
Madi's Precious Cunt

There are 0 users in this room

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