A place in the dark woods. A place of silence

Home of the Mean Girls!

This is the home of LSW and Reese.

If you have been removed please feel free to find another room.
All Mods have final say.

Room Rules

  • Avatars should be kept to under 400 pixels in height, and be tasteful. Please no pornographic images. No animations of any kind are permitted.
  • Be courteous to our mobile users and refrain from using avatars containing links or pop ups. Also, please ensure that your name appears in the room as it does on the user list. (Translation: No black font. Black font of your name will indicate a desire to not be seen, and we will boot to accommodate your wishes.)
  • This is not an image exchange room. Excessive posting of images is cause for removal from the room.
  • You're is a contraction meaning you are. Your is a word that signifies possession. (The Reese Rule)
  • Any name, image, message or reference of any kind even tangentially associated with children and/or incest will result in immediate removal and ban. This is non-negotiable.
  • We can not foresee everything, nor desire a long list of rules. Just because it isn't listed here does not mean it's permitted.
  • Moderators make the final decisions on all matters. Moderators have been given a wide berth and will boot liberally.

  • All chatro rules apply.


! * Cabin in the Woods * !

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