Greetings! Welcome to the Xodus Villa!

This room is the home of Emma and her family of helen, erika and arisia along with Lisa and her naughty princess sera. It is also the home to friends that have found their way here and are drawn to the warmth and security we provide! All lesbian, bisexual, curious and straight women are welcome to enter our home and enjoy the fun and relaxed atmosphere we aim to promote. Transgendered people are also welcome to enter and have fun.

Men, please be respectful and choose another room to enter, should you enter you will be asked to leave and if you fail to do so a boot and a ban will follow.

We try and keep the room as accepting as possible so we have a few rules:

  1. Booting and banning is at the discretion of the moderators. We are a very accepting group, all we ask is you are always kind, courteous and respectful to all those in the room. Abuse of any kind will not be tolerated, we have worked far to hard to eliminate that type of behaviour and will continue to eliminate it at all times!

  2. Submission isn't taken, its earned or given. No Domme should expect just because they cap their name and have a leather outfit on that anyone in the Villa is going to fall over with their legs open for them! You ASK to pm then you EARN the right to be a Domme to a person. Entering and acting like you're the queen of Dommes is gonna get you laughed at and probably broken.
  3. Images containing a penis is an infraction to house rules and will be dealt with by the mods, please don't push the rules as it won't end well!
  4. Any AV's containing a penis will be asked to change and failure to do so will result in a boot while continued grievances will lead to a ban. This is a room mainly for lesbian and bisexual women and we will expect you to respect that or go elsewhere. No discussion no appeal.
  5. Due to todays world where screens come in many sizes, please make sure your avatars are at or below 400 in height to be considerate of those that use smaller devices.
  6. We will follow site guidelines regarding posting images and engaging in discussion around minors, beastiality, watersports, scat and other illegal acts; none of these are welcome here and the moderators will deal with transgressions quickly and harshly.
  7. It is advised you ask to PM when you are first meeting someone. Please respect the rights of your fellow room visitors, their right to be whispered to is not granted by a capital letter on your name it is by their consent.
  8. Being addressed with an honourific title such as Mistress / Goddess / Miss / Queen / etc. is a sign of respect that is earned from each guest and family member! Drama over not being called by one of these titles will get you a bus ticket to Bootsville our ferocious hobbit demon helen, the dark lady of chaos michelle, our classy lady of fury and retribution Kayla or one of the Badass Viking Bitches Emma and Lisa! Be nice, be respectful and lets all get along.
  9. Try to have fun, we are a pretty fun group! Is this a rule...yes it is, have fun sexy bitches!
  10. Need a cookie to enter the room? Go to the Chatropolis Mainpage and look for the link to the Chatropolis Cookie Creator on the left hand side of the page.

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